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QinetiQ delivers brilliant solutions to some of the most important problems faced by business, government and society today, and tomorrow.

QinetiQ is the world's first top flight national defence laboratory to transition to the private sector, and is therefore able to bring to legitimate defence customers an unparalleled resource of intellectual property to create, test and prove responses to pressing needs.

In solving defence and security problems we operate at the leading edge of both the development and application of science and technology. This enables us to give commercial customers access to solutions that are often beyond the state-of-the-art available in civil markets.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Tom Clements
  • Role: Graduate Engineer

"From the time I did a summer placement with DERA (as QinetiQ was in 2000), I knew this was the organisation I wanted to join after graduating. And in the six months I've been here, with the diversity of the work, the superb training and the first class facilities, I haven't been disappointed."

Training & Profiles

To ensure you make the most of your potential, we'll tailor your development to your personal needs. So the training you do will depend largely on the paths you take and the opportunities that arise.

We have created a two and a half year core graduate development programme, leading to a Post-graduate Certificate (PgC) with the University of Bath School of Management, designed to help graduates develop the skills necessary to succeed in a commercial business.

Application Procedure

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Our main sites are located in Farnborough, Boscombe Down and Malvern, yet we have smaller sites all over the United Kingdom.

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