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At G2V, we excel at taking bright people with potential and turning them into great recruiters. People are our passion and we pride ourselves on hiring great people, both for ourselves and our clients. If you have the drive, ambition and desire to have a great recruitment career, you will go further, faster at G2V.

We offer:

- Massive earning potential

- Social environment

- Rapid career path

- Continual training and coaching

- Global opportunities

We have offices in major UK cities (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow), and also have our US offices in Los Angeles, Houston and Miami.

We are a company of dedicated recruitment professionals committed to doing two things really well - finding talented people for roles and finding roles for talented people. We’re looking for the best people - could that be you?

Training & Profiles

We're often asked how we have grown so quickly. The answer? Our training!

The G2V Development Academy is an ongoing training and support programme for all new consultants who join our business. Our detailed 13-week training programme is followed by regular ongoing weekly training sessions, which will then lead to a year-long management training course for those that wish to pursue this route.

With a mixture of classroom-based sessions and on-the-job training, you’ll have all the tools you need to develop your skills and confidence, and ultimately become an excellent and successful recruiter.

We are looking for graduates who are driven, motivated, competitive, resilient and ambitious, and who have what it takes to work in a very target driven environment.

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Please apply to the latest G2V Group jobs on graduate-jobs.com

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Consultant's Role

Firstly let's dispel a frequent misconception - recruitment isn't an HR job! Recruitment is about sales and delivery of the highest levels of service to our clients and candidates. We believe it's a hidden gem amongst sales jobs. There are few 'graduate level' jobs with the earning potential and the career opportunites that recruitment has to offer.

A consultants role is wide and varied, definitely not just another 9-5 job. Consultants are required to fact find, network, headhunt, consult, career coach and much more - perhaps all in the same call!

To be a successful consultant you needn't have any technical or sales experience - what you will have are the competencies and desire to exceed expectations and beat your competition.

The majority of our job is done over the phone with a small percentage being done face-to-face so you'll need excellent communication skills and will feel comfortable interacting with any level of customer.

Amongst a consultant's duties are:

  • Cold calling candidates and clients.
  • Advertising jobs online.
  • Searching internal and external databases to attract new 'customers'.
  • Selling the services of the company to new and existing clients and candidates.
  • Telephone interviewing candidates and assessing their suitability for roles.
  • Effectively managing your time and resources to be effective.
  • Networking with clients and candidates to increase your market penetration.
  • Self analysing performance and self improving where possible.