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Customer Service offers many excellent and fast-moving careers, and most graduates leave university with all the skills needed to excel. The Customer Service sector crosses over with other sectors such as Sales, Retail and Management.

Management schemes in Customer Service are popular and widely available for graduates from an array of degree backgrounds. Specific degrees are often not required, as employers value the intelligence and commitment necessary to complete a degree more than specialist knowledge. However, a relevant degree may be an advantage for certain positions.

How to Get a Job in Customer Service

Each customer and position is different, and there is no set routine for dealing with customers or clients. The best Customer Service workers understand how to approach different people and meet a variety of needs.

Certain skills will set candidates ahead:

1. Experience

Many part-time jobs held by graduates while at university will have equipped them with the skills required for Customer Service. Bar or restaurant work, work in a retail shop, hospitality and many more positions are relevant to the Customer Service industry. Candidates should make sure to clearly note any work experience in applications and demonstrate how they can apply the skills learned across different fields within Customer Service.

2. Customer understanding

Understanding the customer involves understanding the brand and what the company can offer. For example, a company like Majestic Wine manages wholesale wine shops which require expert insight into their products. The typical Majestic Wine customer might be buying wine for an event or occasion, or looking to try a wine they don't know much about. A candidate should aim to show employers that they understand the specific needs of the customer, and how those needs relate to the brand.

3. An understanding of Sales and Retail

Sales and Retail are the two most common areas in the Customer Service sector. An understanding of the processes and functions behind Sales and Retail will help a candidate get noticed and onto the fast-track for a Managerial role. Candidates should be sure to highlight any previous experience in these areas.

4. Communication skills

Dealing with customers requires many types of communication, including face-to-face, over the phone, over email and other written channels. Candidates should maintain a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable demeanour and show employers that they are able to communicate confidently about products and services. Clarity of expression, an appropriate tone and a sensitive approach are all key to good Customer Service.

5. Ability to build and maintain relationships

It is important that candidates are able to build and maintain relationships with customers and clients. Many Customer Service roles require establishing long-term relationships, and graduates should show employers that they are capable of tailoring the service they offer in order to meet the specific needs and interests of the customers.