KPMG in the UK, is part of a global network of firms offering Audit, Tax & Pensions, Consulting, Deal Advisory and Technology services. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, to help them to solve some of the most complex business challenges, applying innovative approaches, deep expertise and the power of disruptive technologies.

Graduate and undergraduate trainees at KPMG have the opportunity to join a people-led organisation, be part an inspiring team and work with some of the brightest minds in business – all while embracing technologies of the future. We work across the broadest range of clients and sectors, from the biggest multinationals through to the most innovative start-ups. Focused on delivering the highest quality, we have a simple vision: to be the clear choice for our clients, our people, and the communities we work in.

KPMG colleagues come from all sorts of degree disciplines and universities, bringing their own unique perspectives and backgrounds, but sharing a natural curiosity, a desire to work together and explore new ideas, inspire change and deliver real results for clients.

Our innovative Launch Pad assessment at the final stage of the process, ensures successful candidates receive a job offer in just 2 working days. Right from the start, graduate and undergraduate trainees will gain exposure to a variety of interesting projects and clients, whilst receiving the support they need to succeed. Equally, through exceptional training, mentoring, professional qualifications and initiatives that give back to communities, trainees will be encouraged to develop a rewarding career within the firm.

Life at KPMG means being part of a fast-moving, intellectually challenging and supportive community, where graduates and undergraduates are empowered to learn, grow and thrive.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Monica
  • Role: Deal Advisory team
  • University: University of Birmingham
  • Degree: Business Managemet BSc

“When I was applying for graduate jobs, I wanted clear career progression, a range of opportunities and prestige - KPMG stood out. At careers fairs they were always friendly. The culture seemed relaxed. Plus, the application system was really quick and straightforward.

I joined as a Graduate Analyst and, honestly, there is no ‘ordinary’ day for me. Not knowing exactly what I’ll be doing every day means I come in every day feeling really motivated.

A couple of months ago I was given the opportunity to work on a project with a Partner. It felt like a lot of pressure at first, but it went really smoothly and there was a lot of support. I never imagined I’d be given that level of responsibility so early. But senior people aren’t intimidating here. Everybody feels like they’re on the same side.

“Nobody’s efforts are taken for granted, and success is celebrated.”

I feel proud of working at KPMG. People recognise the name when I tell them where I work. That makes me feel more self-confident. It’s like the reputation rubs off on me.

Straight after the induction I was given training in presentation and communication skills — they’ll be useful my entire career. The mentoring system here is also really good. Senior colleagues take time to chat with you about how you’re doing and help if you’re struggling with anything.

I joined a programme called ‘Learning with Leaders’ where I get to spend time with Partners from different departments. They give you some insight into different areas and teach skills that you might not learn in your own department. Senior Partners often ask what I think about certain decisions and take my thoughts on board.

I’m hoping to take secondments to some of the other offices around the country. I’m keen to travel and see what some of the other offices are like. There’s no one way to do things here, and we’re encouraged to keep an open mind.”

  • Name: Rachel
  • Role: Graduate Trainee, Audit Data Analytics in Reading
  • University: University of Oxford

“When choosing a graduate job, the idea of a company with an international reach appealed to me. One with a diverse range of opportunities and latitude to move around. Audit in general seemed like a good foundation because it gives you different options for the future.

KPMG’s application and interview process gave a very good impression. They were very accommodating. After I took my year out after university, I had my KPMG offer already and they were willing to defer it for a year.

During my gap year I had a scholarship to study Mandarin in Taiwan. I know I’ll have opportunities to leverage that in the future at one of KPMG’s offices, which is why a global network of member firms felt right for me.

Where I work now in my Data Analytics secondment, we use advanced tools to support audit teams - they come to us with client data and we perform more specific analysis on their behalf, then feed it back to them.

I’ve picked up a lot of skills working here, such as SQL. I created a process that made our revenue testing more efficient which got national recognition.

Although I did a humanities degree, I have always enjoyed the tech side of things. If you have the interest, the training and support are there for you. That’s how KPMG operates.

I can spend six days a year helping whatever charitable causes I choose. I love that we’re given that freedom.

Aside from my normal work, I’m opted to be on the Corporate Responsibility committee of the KPMG Reading office. I manage the relationship with one of the charities we sponsor, which is a homeless charity, as well as the Reading Partners programme where we help coach children in primary school to read.

The further you go at KPMG the more and more interesting it becomes, as more and more opportunities open up to you.”

Application Procedure

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