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The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a sophisticated global operation with a fleet of highly specialised ships. We use advanced techniques that allow us to replenish and support Royal Navy warships all over the world, any time they need crucial supplies. Do you have the management, planning and teamwork skills needed for a career in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary? If you do you’ll have the opportunity to travel the world and experience the rush of adrenaline in your day to day work – all in a civilian service.

Training & Profiles

When we've considered your application form, if you’ve applied for a rating job, we’ll invite you to come to a formal interview at HMNB Portsmouth.

If you’ve chosen an officer job or we feel you have the potential to train as an officer, we’ll invite you to come to the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) at HMS Sultan in Hampshire. This will give you a chance to show us that you have the skills and personal qualities we’re looking for in a potential Royal Fleet Auxiliary officer.

When you’ve passed the various tests and checks, we’ll make you a formal job offer for our next available training course.

We’re not transporting microwaves from China. This isn’t a day in the office. There is more at stake than the bottom line. Lives, missions – national interests, to name a few. So we train where our military colleagues train. And we become the focused and disciplined force that the Royal Navy and the world need us to be.

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