University of Ulster

University of Ulster

University of Ulster

Ulster is a university with a national and international reputation for excellence, innovation and regional engagement. We make a major contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Northern Ireland and play a key role in attracting inward investment. Our core business activities are teaching and learning, widening access to education, research and innovation and technology and knowledge transfer.

Ulster is a dynamic and innovative research institution and we are proud of our excellent track record in the education and training of researchers.

We combine academic excellence and expertise with a focus on applied research - innovation, and knowledge transfer. Our established research culture underpins our teaching and learning and through our Office of Innovation we have become a successful, business-facing university.

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  • Fundraiser at University of Ulster

    The initial stage in the interview process, was to fill out an online application form, and then to read aloud a portion of a fundraising script over the phone, which would later be listened to by members of the recruitment panel. Based on this

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