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Every year, the public sector buys - or procures - £billions of equipment and services. With over 500,000 products and services offered through more than 600 suppliers, this is a vast and highly complex marketplace covering everything from major mobile 'phone contracts through to healthcare equipment. Whatever the product or service, it's important to get the best possible quality, at the lowest possible cost. As a Procurement specialist, that's exactly what Buying Solutions does. Working with a broad range of customers from across the public sector, we help evaluate tenders and negotiate the best deals, so the savings can be redirected to where they're most needed: into vital public services.

Though we're an Executive Agency of the Treasury, our business is essentially commercial. We have to compete for new business, deliver tangible results and drive our own development. We're doing well on all counts. Established in 2001, we've grown quickly, taking on the responsibilities of other providers in this sector - testimony to the quality of our work. Currently, we have the authority to work with any of the UK's public services, the only provider with such a wide-ranging remit. All of which means we can offer our employees unparalleled commercial exposure and experience, together with on-going progression and promotion with a large and expanding organisation.

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We have two key locations: Norwich and Liverpool, and though we will try to match your preference, you will need to be flexible and willing to relocate for some assignments.

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