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Wincanton is a company that prizes inventiveness. We design, implement and operate creative supply chain solutions for organisations right across Europe. Joining us means providing leading edge logistics solutions for an impressive list of clients including Air Products, Argos, B&Q, BMW, BP Castrol, Britvic, GlaxoSmithKline, Heinz, Matalan, Tesco, Texaco and more.

It’s our culture that sets us apart. Innovative solutions like ours only come about by considering each customer individually. We know our employees are the people who make this possible.

Case Studies

  • Name: Chris Fox
  • Role: Site Manager, Recycling Plant
  • Joined: September 2006

"Out of all the competition Wincanton was the company that could house my ambition. They were moving forward faster than everyone else. I’m Site Manager at our Recycling plant in Billingham. It’s a big operation but I love the challenges as there is literally something new everyday. I’m a people person and working with teams is very important to me."

Training & Profiles

Responsibility and autonomy come early with us. You’ll have a real job with key deliverables. If you fancy adventure and speak a second language, you can join our European operations. For more of a taste of what we do, look at the graduate profiles on our website.

We want graduates who want to become talented leaders. Your core capabilities and interests will already align with our culture and vision. Being a management trainee at Wincanton means being an intelligent, ambitious team player. We expect excellence but so will you. This is your route to becoming a general manager.

Warehouse Management, Transport Management, Finance Management, Business Development and IT Management.

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