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Tata Steel - A part of life.

The Tata Steel Vision
Imagine what the world would be like without steel. No hospitals, schools, transportation systems, even paperclips; the list is endless!

Tata Steel is a leading supplier to many of the most demanding markets around the world including: Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Products, Energy & Power Generation, Engineering, Metal Goods, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Rail and Security & Defence

Tata Steel metal is used globally in projects such as the Bugatti Veyron and the Petronas Towers. During South Africa's preparations for the 2010 Football World Cup, Tata Steel was included in the construction of the new King Shaka International Airport at Durban. Closer to home we have won contracts for the 2012 Olympic games and our metal has been used in the new Wembley Stadium.

We are passionate about making the world a better place. Using the perfect blend of world-class manufacturing processes, innovative research centres and inspired individuals; we can achieve the vision of becoming leaders in our field.

Case Studies

  • Name: Abimbola Ihidero
  • Role: Graduate Electrical Engineer
  • Joined: 2008

"This company is one of the very few who understand and are genuinely interested in developing skills. I have always wanted to be part of a company that strongly believes people development is a strong tool for improving productivity. Here, there is no ceiling over how much you could develop. I am constantly encouraged by my manager to take up real challenges"

  • Name: Agnieszka Dziadziak
  • Role: HR Business Partner

"The design of the graduate scheme at Tata Steel was interesting, especially that as a graduate you got to do placements in different business units. This way you meet various people and learn a great deal about the company in a relatively short spell of time. The highlight of my career has been the appointment into the HR Business Partner's role. This is a challenging role involving a high degree of decision-making, self-motivation, and the ability to build relationships and cope well under pressure. I have enjoyed every minute of it. It has built my confidence and given me many opportunities to stretch myself."

Training & Profiles

What we look for
To achieve our vision, we look for people with the qualities that will fit into our way of thinking; these include passion, drive, enthusiasm, imagination and the ability to adapt to new challenges. We are looking for innovative minds and skills that go beyond just pure academic ability in order to drive change and really make a difference

Tata Steel Training and Development
Tata Steel has the size and diversity to tailor careers by providing real life projects from the outset and challenges that will be interesting, dynamic and relevant to the business. Those entering the company receive on the job and formal training designed to develop management and technical skills.

However, the training will not stop there. Tata Steel is committed to Professional Accreditation/Chartership for every graduate, providing a professional mentor and training that is accredited by professional bodies.

Application Procedure


Q. What happens at the assessment centre?

A. The assessment centre is competency based and comprises of three main exercises:

  • Presentation
  • Interview
  • Group Exercise

Each candidate will also have the opportunity to meet recent graduates to find out more about working for Tata Steel. The assessment centre lasts a full day.

Q. Where can I find out more information about the graduate Programme?

A. Tata Steel is currently visiting university campuses across the UK, for dates see the website (www.tatasteelcareers.com). To see a graduate brochure please see the online copy on our website (www.tatasteelcareers.com).

Q. What can I expect to be doing when I join as a graduate?

A. Graduates usually rotate jobs within their chosen function every 6-12 months to gain a broad grounding in their chosen field. Most graduates settle into an ongoing role after 18-months / 2 years. Each graduate will be given a personal training programme, this will combine formal training courses with "on the job" training depending on the needs of the individual and the needs of the business. All graduates will be given the opportunity to be sponsored and gain Chartership relevant to their function (e.g. IMechE, IET, IOM3, CIPD, CIMA). Graduates will be given a mentor to help him or her succeed in their chosen field.

Q. Where will I be based geographically? / Will I need to move around geographically?

A. We are recruiting to fill positions throughout the UK. The majority of the vacancies will be in south Wales (Port Talbot or Llanwern in Newport) or north-east England (Scunthorpe / Teesside / Rotherham), however other UK locations also have vacancies. It is usual to stay in your first location (within a 20-30 mile radius) for at least two years whilst you are still training, however you may request to move at any point during your career. Graduates wishing to work overseas may request this after they have started work.