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Why join Shawbrook?

Shawbrook is a specialist lending and savings business with a focus SME and consumer markets in the UK. We use our experience and judgement to make individual decisions that balance risk, return and customer needs.

We have grown fast; we are proud of who we are and our story so far – we are hard-working, down to earth and have ambitions beyond our present size and scope; join us at this exciting time. Here at Shawbrook Bank our greatest asset is our people. Every employee makes an important contribution to a progressive, rewarding and enjoyable working environment. It is our aim to retain our exceptional employees and to attract new employees of the same calibre.

Training & Profiles

Our two year rotational leadership development programme offers great benefits and opportunities for personal growth; you will join one of five schemes in either:

  • Property Finance
  • Business Finance
  • Consumer Finance
  • Group Risk
  • Group Finance

To find out more about each scheme and apply please visit careers

"Shawbrook is a specialist financing business supporting markets that are under-served in consumer, business and property; we are a bank but we like to think of ourselves as a bank that is different; one that manages risk not avoids it, one that looks for ways to help rather than walking away. If you would like to see how a bank really should work, Shawbrook would be a great place to join. I joined Shawbrook earlier this year at a great stage of its development; we are big enough to be a contender yet still small enough for an individual to make a significant impact.“ Steve Pateman, CEO

Steve Pateman