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Our agency gives you the best school vacancies in China

Before starting this agency, our team worked in China on these positions first hand. Consequently, we feel we know these positions rather well. Our agency is about to turn 5. And for these past 5 years our company has dedicated our resources to vetting, selecting and continually assessing school employers in China. Picking the very best ones to earn our ‘elite’ name. We provide an extra layer of protection. In the unlikely event of any issues with your school employer we are there to help. We also assist you through the entire process. From applying for your visa all the way to your return home. To ensure we deliver at our best, we cap our positions at only 200 per year. This ensures we spend time and get to know every single applicant we recruit. Our blog builds transparency by showing past teachers experiences and their lives in China.

I hear about China a lot. Why do these positions exist?

To give you an insight into the average life of an English Teacher in China, this video shows an ESL English teacher's day to day life in Changzhou in Jiangsu province.

Demand for these positions are at their highest. China is an economic superpower and is developing a middle class. Consequently, Chinese families have more money to spend. So, what should this money pay for?

Well, Chinese culture places huge emphasis on their children’s education. You may have noticed a lot of Chinese students at your university. This is for the same reason. In addition to education, eastern philosophy gives China a respect for foreign cultures. Consequently, many Chinese yearn to learn English; the global language.

So, we have a perfect storm; demand for children's English classes and money to pay for it. So, what's the solution?

Well, to grab that money and meet market demand, English schools have opened in their masses. These are private schools teaching students outside of public-school hours. These schools eagerly compete for tuition fees to teach Children English. But, understandably, their quality varies greatly.

Schools range in size. From multinational corporations such as Education First, to a rented room in a shopping centre. Then it gets more complicated. For example, many Education First schools are franchises and ran independently. This is the same for many big school companies. In contrast other schools are run corporately and offer different work for teachers.

Comparing these jobs in China is confusing. There is no shortage of schools in China and no lack of potential employers. But many jobs sound similar and generic. So, it's hard to compare jobs. As such, the challenge is finding a quality position at a reliable school. This is where we come in…

What assistance do you provide?

This is more than just a job for us and we enjoy helping teachers get the most out of these positions. Hence, included in the position is full visa assistance and guidance through the onboarding process. Moreover, we provide complete support during the entire placement while in China. On your return home we will be keen to hear about your experience and encourage you to contribute to the blog.