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Motability Operations is a private business, specialising in motoring services for disabled people, owned by the five major clearing banks (Lloyds TSB, Barclays, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and HBOS) and our activities are regulated and overseen by the charity Motability. We have over 410,000 customers, an annual turnover of over £900million and assets worth £2.6billion. Over the last two years, we've transformed the business and are the largest fleet operator in Europe.

Case Studies

  • Name: Kate Bartishel
  • Role: Motability Leadership
  • University: Leicester University

Why I chose the Motability Leadership

"The exposure to various business areas means being in a great position to make an informed career choice at the end of the programme.

"With 650 employees the Company is big enough to be recognised a market leader but is not accompanied with the anonymity that can be associated with working for a larger organisation.

Motability Operations is currently experiencing rapid growth and it is important to me be part of a growing organisation.

"Motability Operations is really thorough in its approach to personal development and there are always opportunities to grow your skills and expertise. I am specialising in the marketing and finance departments, and all members of the Leadership Scheme must spend time in the customer services department in order to understand the main function of the organisation.

"Having a board director mentor me through my first 12 months is proving invaluable. It helps to broaden my knowledge of the company, and to network with key business leaders, both of which will hopefully get me to where I want to be at the end of the 18 months."

Training & Profiles

A graduate career with us will give you exposure to all parts of the business and to our senior leaders. You will be mentored by a director and supported with a comprehensive training and development programme. As one of our future business leaders, we'll give you real responsibility and guarantee you'll be making a difference from day one. Our business areas include: Customer Services, Dealer Relations, Manufacturer Relations, Fleet, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Business Systems, HR, Pricing and Asset Management.

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