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Hamlyn Williams is a Global Executive Recruitment firm specialising in placing Corporate Governance, Life Sciences, Cyber Security and Front Office professionals. We perform Retained Search, Permanent Contingent and Contract/Interim searches on behalf of our clients.

As a firm, Hamlyn Williams started trading in March 2011 and have achieved fast organic headcount growth of over 150% Year on Year since then. Along the way we have been awarded “Number 1 Best UK Startups Recruitment Firm 2013” and “No.15 in UK Top 100 Best Startups 2013” among other achievements.

We have grown to 6 global offices, which are based in London, New York, Cardiff, Dublin, Hong Kong and most recently in Dallas, Texas and there are no plans of slowing down any time soon!

Why You Will Love Working for Hamlyn Williams as an Associate Consultant:
• Monthly Fine Diners: Every month top performers in the team go to the hot spot in Cardiff or London for a fully paid for afternoon/evening with the Director!
• Company Holidays: Fully paid for trips for top billers! Recent trips were to Miami, Ibiza and Las Vegas!
• Uncapped Commission: We pay commission on top of your salary, plus it’s uncapped. £10,000 pay check in a month? Why not?
• Training: In-House tailored training program designed specifically for you! One-to-one, group sessions and practical training with a mentor and manager. You're trained by those who have been there-done that and by one of the most recognised global recruitment trainers globally.
• Extra Incentives every week for the team
• Award winning, energetic, fast paced environment!

Case Studies

  • Name: Zachary Creighton
  • Role: Head of Risk and Quantitative Analytics - Texas / Midwest at Hamlyn Williams
  • Joined: 2014
  • University: University of Bedordshire


Prior to joining Hamlyn Williams I had around 1 years’ experience in a larger, more corporate and regime heavy firm.

HW offers opportunities that manifest through the success our consultants have, both locally and internationally. Any move in your career will be determined by a multi-factor process and not least a massive leap of faith, but I totally trusted the vision that was portrayed to me before I joined and how that juxtaposed with the culture of my previous firm, which gave me the confidence this was the right move! Hamlyn Williams provided me with the opportunity to step into a much more visible role, both internally and with clients – where most firms restrict your exposure to clients and candidates, HW gave me all the tools and autonomy to form long lasting and rewarding relationships with senior individuals from the get-go, whilst allowing me to add value internally and put strategic suggestions forward to management.

I’ve successfully cultivated and built a Risk/Quant function that has consistently performed, both here in London and across Europe/UK. From starting off with a handful of relationships to developing a broad spectrum of multi-industry clients has allowed us to really put Risk on the map and drive our brand into new areas of Corporate Governance. Moreover, I was given the opportunity from an early stage here to manage and utilize my ‘knack’ for developing other consultants, now managing our highest performing Consultant in the UK.

I’m about to move to the US to start up our Dallas office! Being a meritocratic environment, opportunity comes from performance and that can come in different ways, if you fancy going abroad and making a name for yourself elsewhere, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that! Away from international moves, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been included on many fine dining experiences and days out, not to mention the all-expenses paid trips abroad to Vegas etc!

  • Name: Storm Hagan
  • Role: Senior Consultant - Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences at Hamlyn Williams
  • Joined: 2016
  • University: Norwich University

“I just love that here, hard work pays off! It’s a purely meritocratic business where if you hit the clearly laid out guidelines and targets, you will be promoted..”

“Resilience is key. I did not bill for the first 6 months… it was a grind. However, I kept up the hard work and eventually everything just clicks into place.”

“At Hamlyn Williams, loyalty is rewarded. If you show dedication and hard work, the company invests back into you and I think that is so important”

Training & Profiles

It’s pretty straightforward… If you’re succeeding, then we’re succeeding!

Will success come easy?
In all honesty, No. It will take hard work, resilience, grit and determination and more importantly, it will take time. That’s the thing we understand here at Hamlyn Williams that perhaps other organisations don’t: Rome wasn’t built in a day. What we can and will ensure is that in order to get you to grow into the recruitment consultant you want to be, we will provide you with all the training, guidance, advice, knowledge, tools and resources required to best aid your professional development.

We don’t have a “one size fits all” training course. We understand that people absorb and retain information in different ways and at different speeds. Our Learning and Development team are dedicated and committed to delivering bespoke group, and individual training to ensure that everybody finishes their initial training feeling confident, knowledgeable, and raring to begin.

Of course, you never really stop learning in recruitment as there is no such thing as a finished article. Support will always be on hand for further training and development from our Head of Learning and development as well as our accomplished and successful Leadership team who are all market leaders in their respective fields.

We believe that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. We also believe that there are a number of core characteristics that each and every single one of our employees must contain in order to provide the strong foundations on which our industry leading training can then build on. Those traits are:

• Confidence
• Strong Academics
• Resilience
• Desire

We are a friendly, out-going, ambitious and fun loving bunch who also all share the same level of competitiveness and willingness to knuckle down, work hard and ultimately set out to achieve their goals both professionally AND personally.