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EF English First 2024 graduate opportunities

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EF English First, part of EF Education, is a world leader in language learning with over 200 schools worldwide. EF Education is a multi-national company group with some 20,000 employees at work in 48 countries. To date, nearly 3,000,000 people have participated in an EF program. EF Education divisions include international language schools, semester and year abroad programs, educational tours, corporate language training and teacher training for English language teachers.

EF English First Teacher Recruitment & Training is based in Manchester in the UK and recruits teachers for its schools in China, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, Morocco and Turkey. Internationally recognised TEFL Certificate Courses start monthly in Manchester, London, Windsor, Barcelona, Seville, Prague, Rome and Johannesburg.

A unique, exciting feature of our TEFL courses is that they are directly linked with recruitment for EF English First. Following a successful interview, we will confirm the offer of a place on our teacher recruitment scheme, bringing you the course at a greatly subsidized price and a guaranteed offer of work upon successful completion. Successful candidates will be offered positions with EF English First from a choice of locations in China, Indonesia or Russia.

Case Studies

  • Name: James Walton
  • Role: Director of Studies (direct line manager for all teachers)
  • Joined: March 2003

"I'd always wanted to travel but was worried about spending so much money for what I though would amount to nothing more than an extended holiday. A friend suggested joining EF so that I could travel and not just earn but SAVE money at the same time. I completed my training course at EF Brighton and now, two years later, I'm the Director of Studies at EF Liaocheng in China. What's more I'm having the time of my life. I wouldn't swap it for the world..."

Training & Profiles

Are you interested in a year or a career teaching English?

EF English First offers you the opportunity to take an initial training course designed to prepare you for work as an English language teacher anywhere in the world. Course candidates committing to taking up a position with EF in China, Indonesia or Russia get a subsidy of up to £300 off the course price and excellent working conditions including free health insurance for the length of their contract abroad (EF's insurance package is tailor-made for teachers living and working abroad). Course candidates typically are either interested in a year or more living and working abroad or making a career shift into the dynamic world of English language teaching ( currently the eighth largest source of invisible earnings for the UK - source The British Council).

Whatever your motivation EF English First has quality courses in both full and part-time formats and is in the unique position to be able to guarantee candidates a job teaching English upon successful completion of the course.

Application Procedure

Applications are welcome for both qualified and unqualified English language teachers as full training can be provided. Please contact us for a full application pack, or application form. Successful applicants will be interviewed.


What we offer

  • Full training prior to departure
  • Flights to your destination
  • Full orientation and induction program
  • 12-month contracts
  • Competitive salaries (paid in local currency & equivalent to the wage of a local manager)
  • Free accommodation
  • Tailor-made health insurance (designed exclusively for EF English First teachers)
  • Professional development
  • Career prospects within the world's largest private educational firm
  • Return flight at the end of your contract

What sets EF apart?
Whether you are interested in a year or a career teaching English abroad, EF English First offers the most effective program:

  • Internationally recognised TEFL qualifications
  • The ONLY fees are the course fees - £475 to £900 depending on location. Candidates will have to pay their own living expenses for the duration of the course
  • Simple, efficient recruitment procedure with Recruitment professionals with you every step of the way
  • Complete recruitment package making the transition to life abroad as easy as possible
  • Placements & career opportunities with an established company with 40 years experience in education