DisplayLink 2024 graduate opportunities

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Are you ambitious, thrilled by innovation and have a passion for all things technology?
Are you looking for a hands-on graduate scheme with a blossoming company in the heart of Cambridge Science Park?
Do you want to work with technology that supports the latest innovation in gaming, simulation, education, and commerce?

DisplayLink is an international software and chip company whose technology is utilized in products produced by the leading PC brands in the industry. Our cutting edge products are shaping the world of tech one circuit at a time.

At DisplayLink we’re looking for ambitious, analytical graduates to join our rotational software and hardware schemes. If you’ve got a 2:1 in any STEM subject, whether that’s Computer Science or Physics, we want you to apply.

Why work for Display Link?
We are a growing company with no constraints on graduates. Flexibility is key when learning and training. You will have a voice in every project you work on, and be able to rotate within your own department for maximum exposure. We value autonomy at every level, so forget micromanagement and embrace this truly hands-on learning experience of a lifetime.

DisplayLink will provide you with unparalleled agile working methodologies as well as collaboration and mentoring day in, day out.

People at DisplayLink are proud of everything we achieve - together. With dedicated scrum rooms and all company weekly meetings, you’ll learn from the best and excel at a rapid pace.

We invest back into the community, hosting and sponsoring events across Cambridge, including local meetups, the Cambridge Agile Exchange and the regional testing community. It’s a good measure of how transparent and centred around learning the culture is within the company.