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Are You Driven by Goals and Motivated by Results?
CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. In partnership with leading organizations around the globe, we develop innovative solutions to drive corporate performance. CEB equips leaders at more than 10,000 companies with the intelligence to effectively manage talent, customers, and operations. CEB is a trusted partner to 90% of the Fortune 500, nearly 75% of the Dow Jones Asian Titans, and more than 85% of the FTSE 100. More at

Every year we equip over 20,000 senior leaders from more than 10,000 organizations across 110 countries with the intelligence they need to respond quickly to evolving business conditions. In doing so we help them more effectively manage their talent, customers and operations to exceed business objectives.

What CEB Can Offer You
• Access to CEB’s ground-breaking research, tools, and solutions.
• The ability to influence and impact many of the world's leading companies.
• A team of smart, motivated colleagues that will help you grow and unlock your career potential.
• A culture comprised of diverse, global teams who have a passion for collaboration and service.
• Robust training, coaching, and on-the-job development to achieve career success.

What we do
We Make Companies Better at What They Do
By pooling the collective experience of the more than 300,000 business professionals and 10,000 companies in our member network, we cultivate data- and fact-based insights about corporate performance. These insights then allow us to develop research, analytic tools, and solutions that empower corporate leaders to unlock the potential of their organizations and people.

We Hire Exceptional People
Every aspect of our product depends on the people we hire to conceive it, research it, extract it, and shape it into something ready to be consumed and acted on. We rely on the exceptional talent of our global teams to deliver, illuminate, inject, and embed our product into the minds and businesses of our members when they need it most.

Life at CEB
We Believe in Making an Impact

You’ll feel it right away. It’s a buzzy, energetic, infectious but somehow intangible thing that permeates our offices and radiates from our people. We call it the Spirit of Generosity. It’s in the way we serve our members —intuitively and relentlessly.

It’s in the way we collaborate with each other—selflessly and unconditionally. It’s in the way we pour back hours into the communities where we live and work.

We Live to Learn
CEBers seek out new responsibilities, invite challenges, and reach beyond what is comfortable. When they do, we are there to propel them with formal training, mentoring, and coaching. We recognise their achievements with incentives, experiences, and rewards. There is no one too inexperienced to have something to teach or too tenured to have something new to learn.

Hear about the London office development opportunities and team-building events - click here to find out more.

Benefits & Advancement
• Comprehensive Care
• With 4,500+ employees across 60 global offices, CEB offers an array of competitive, location-specific opportunities for benefits.

Discounts on Things You Love
CEB offers UK staff a variety of programmes to save you money on some of the things you love, such as computers, retail shopping, restaurants, movie tickets, gym memberships, travel, and more.

Life Outside of Work
We offer paid time off so that our staff can enjoy life outside of the office and paid holidays, which vary by country. In the UK, we offer 25 days of annual leave.

Advance Your Career
Early careerists who successfully achieve their goals throughout the Sales and Service Professional Development programme will be well prepared to move up within our revenue community.

Change Your Lattitude
With 60 offices around the world, in places such as Australia, the United States, China, Germany, and India, CEBers can expand their horizons—literally. One year, you could be working in London and then globe-trotting halfway around the world the next year.

Case Studies

  • Name: Lauren Eastwood Hancox
  • Role: Associate Director
  • University: The University of Manchester
  • Degree: English and French

The best way to describe CEB's Sales and Services Professional Development Program is as a mixture of classroom based learning and on the job training. Regular training sessions are held to introduce you to different elements of both the sales and account management process, and each module teaches you something that you'll be able to apply both in your current role, and in future career prospects.

At different levels of the SSPD program, you get access to training from the senior management team, as well as ongoing feedback from your own manager. Learning from others is the core ethos of CEB, and it's also applied in how the program is run with no end of opportunities to learn from experienced professionals and high performers.

Training & Profiles

What does life at CEB mean for you?

As a graduate/ early careerist you will have the opportunity to impact some of the world's top companies, be mentored by talented colleagues, serve our members and communities, advance your career, and connect with exceptional people around the world.

CEB's Sales and Services Professional Development Program offers the opportunity to sell ground-breaking ideas that change the way leading companies operate. Joining our growing firm means that you will develop world-class sales skills and business acumen, engage with C-level executives, and impact the bottom line.

Graduates start as Business Development or Account Management associates in our Sales and Service Professional Development Program, and advance based upon performance.

Application Procedure


What salary is on offer at CEB?
Salaries range from £24,000 to £30,000 and will be based in our Central London location.

What are CEB's application requirements?
Candidates must be on target or have achieved a 2.1 or above and have a good grounding in A-Levels.