Argos 2024 graduate opportunities

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ArgosTech is shaking things up in a big way and we’re looking for the next generation of inventors and innovators to join us. Our Software Engineering graduate scheme offers you all the training and development you’ll need in order to plan, code, test and analyse the retail revolution, while our fast-paced startup-style work environment means you’ll be experimenting all the time. You’ll be working with a team of designers, testers and engineers who have changed the way people shop. Millions of customers use Argos, so your code will have an instant impact on users’ experiences all over the UK. Come and build the future of retail with us at ArgosTech – apply today.

Software Engineering

Your first rotation: When you first join Argos, you’ll be immersed in your starting rotation for 8 months. This should be the area of technology you feel most passionately about, as you’ll have the most amount of time to imbed yourself in the team and learn from experts in the field. We’ll give you the autonomy to choose up to 3 rotations which appeal to you the most. The final areas you’ll be working in will be confirmed based on demand and also by your line managers - as they’ll advise and guide you to choose areas they believe fit your skillset most suitably.

This could be anything from Java to React, or maybe even Machine Learning - it’s really up to you!

Your second rotation: This will be a period of 6 months to engage with the inner workings of your second team. You’ll be given a new line manager who will support you in learning the ropes. You’ll be making an impact from day 1, as we’ll be giving you responsibilities and ownership of a major project within ArgosTech.

Your third rotation: Your final rotation is another 6 months. Again, you’ll be given the opportunity to select your favourite rotations out of a selection - and come to a decision together with your line manager about which is the best area for you.

We’ll be ramping up the learning and development in this rotation, as we help you prepare for the role you’ll be undertaking once the grad scheme is up.

After the scheme: Our holistic approach to your technological learning and development means that once you’ve completed your graduate scheme, you’ll be ready to specialise in any area of ArgosTech. We’ll be encouraging you to join a team of your choosing - as you’ll have all the tools of the trade to become a programming rockstar.