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Vaultex UK Limited is a cash processing company; quasi factory operations and logistics, combined with complex treasury and reconciliations activity, all wrapped in tight security and controls.

We were created in 2007 as a joint venture between Barclays Bank plc and HSBC Bank plc.

On behalf of our Shareholders, Vaultex supports a broader spectrum of customers such as retailers and other financial institutions, whilst using the Cash In Transit services of G4S, Loomis UK and others, to ensure the smooth delivery of cash to and from banks, their branch networks, ATMs and retail customers.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Chris Ecob
  • University: Lancaster University
  • Degree: BSc Mathematics

"Being part of a company which truly values its staff, and genuinely appreciates their contribution."

As a fresh graduate, it can be really challenging and daunting to leave university and try to build a career for yourself. Many companies expect you to choose a specific career before you've had a day's experience, when really you can be quite undecided the department you want to work for, After all, it's hard to make an informed decision when you don't really have any information to fall back on!

This is where Vaultex are different. The graduate program is designed to give you a real feel for the different departments of a business, which broadens your learning experience whilst helping you build a very handy network of contacts who are always willing to help you. It's after you've completed a few rotations and had some feedback from your colleagues that you begin to think about where you might best slot into the company,

I actually graduated 3 years prior to joining Vaultex, spending time travelling and working in retail and entertainment. Many companies will look at this as a disadvantage, questioning why I hadn't joined a program earlier. Vaultex completely understand that whether you're a fresh graduate, or have taken time to explore other avenues after graduating, you'll always have a lot to offer the company.

My experience whilst joining Vaultex is actually quite different from the other graduates. Unfortunately just two days before I was due to have my first day in the company, I rather spectacularly broke my leg. Obviously devastated, I rang the company to inform them that I wouldn't be able to join them for a few weeks. I was incredibly nervous. The peopl t have been more reassuring. They made it clear that Vaultex had chosen me for a reason and that they would still be taking me on, stating that I should take as long as I need to recover. They took the time revise my induction plan and were generally very accommodating. Now I can tell you this with a very high degree of confidence; there are very few companies willing to do anything even close to this, even fewer who will do so and reassure you along the whole recovery process. So when you get the chance to apply to a company like Vaultex, you really need to take the opportunity!

On joining the company, the induction itself was fantastic. Meeting directors, visiting cash and coin centres, meeting with The Bank of England and The UK Payments Council in London... it really is a brilliant way to meet the key members in the business whilst getting to know your fellow graduates. It's hard to choose a favourite moment from it all, but at the top would probably s so important that the public's demand for notes and coins is met. It's an insight that many would love to have but so few get the chance to capture.

But perhaps the very best thing about Vaultex is the road that lies ahead. It's exciting to think there I might end up in a couple of years time. It's a great feeling, so take a chance and apply. Opportunities like this are few and far between, so you need to make sure you grab them and just go for it.

  • Name: Ross Knight
  • University: University of Leeds
  • Degree: BSc Mathematics

"This was the organisation I wanted to be a part of - constantly growing, successful and dynamic."

After graduating in 2010 I worked for Shropshire Council for ten months before spending some time travelling. As I returned I began to look for a more career orientated role, and after plenty of research I stumbled across Vaultex. I didn't know much about the company to begin with, but as I learnt more I quickly realised that this was the organisation I wanted to be a part of - constantly growing, successful, and dynamic.

More than anything, however, I was attracted specifically to the graduate programme. Unlike many, Vaultex's is tailored to fit the individual - four high- level rotations over the two years picked according to your skills and strengths - with a director assigned as personal mentor and constant training and support provided.

From the moment I first applied I knew my initial instincts had been correct - I was dealt with efficiently but helpfully, and the more I spoke to employees the more I wanted to join the programme. The dreaded telephone interview was followed by one and a half days at an assessment centre, consisting of various activities and experiences which gave us all an excellent (and surprising) idea of how the business works. Like a friendlier version of The Apprentice, the activities were both challenging and enjoyable and along with the formal dinner a great opportunity to learn more about the industry.

The first four weeks contain a jam-packed schedule including thorough initial training as well as two independent cash centre visits to learn from a different perspective. A trip to London provides the opportunity to meet with the Executive Committee as well as a behind-the-scenes tour of the Bank of England, just before I begin my first rotation in Operational Support. Whilst we are given as much support and advice as we need, we are responsible for our own time and treated as respected, valued colleagues right from the start.

It has been clear throughout the recruitment process and programme start that there is a very positive company culture at Vaultex - everybody seems genuinely happy to be working here and have made us all feel very welcome. Corporate Social Responsibility policies such as the one day annually dedicated to charity work highlights the commitment to employees and the community. As graduates, we are attending a five day crash course in January to complete our PRINCE2 project management qualifications to complement the practical experience gained from our work.

Before I applied for Vaultex I was in the position that many graduates find themselves - after three years of studying and summer jobs, beginning to worry about finding the right career with only a vague of idea of the path down which I wished to go. I can highly recommend Vaultex to anybody in this situation or any other - although work experience naturally helps, it is by no means essential and the purpose of the programme is to provide you with the tools necessary to forge a long and successful career with the company.

Training & Profiles

We are seeking a small number of high calibre graduates to join our demanding, challenging and rewarding graduate programme, which aims to develop future senior leaders of our business.

Our graduate programme is in its second year; young enough so it’s exciting and fresh, though in an environment where support and development is paramount. Don’t just take our word for it – we have recently achieved the prestigious IIP Gold Award (Investors in People), which demonstrates our relentless focus on our people.

Your programme will be 2 years in duration and mainly involve 4 rotations in different parts of our business – your rotations will be driven by your personal development plan. This means that no two graduates will experience the same development programme.

This is your chance to work in financial services, in an environment of skills and experience typically seen in large banks, though within a smaller organisation where change happens much quicker.

Application Procedure

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Package includes:

  • Starting salary of £26,000
  • Bonus potential of up to 10% in your first year and 15% in your second
  • Private healthcare
  • Pension scheme
  • 25 days of holiday

Application criteria:

Minimum of 2:1 degree in any discipline. You will be ambitious and motivated with a relentless drive to achieve.

Key application dates:

  • 12th October 2011 onwards - Online psychometric testing . If you’re successful at this stage, you’ll be invited for a telephone interview.
  • 17th October 2011 onwards - Telephone interview, to talk about your CV, skills and the reason you want to join Vaultex. If you succeed in this, we’ll ask you to come to an assessment centre.
  • 4th & 5th January 2012 - Assessment centre, which is a one and a half-day event that includes an overnight stay (paid for by us) If you impress us here, we’ll make you an offer.
  • w/c 6th February 2012 - Offers made
  • 3rd September 2012 - 2011 First day
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