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Electronic Arts (EA) is the leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Major titles for EA include the Spore, Crysis, Burnout, Black, Fifa Football, Harry Potter series of games, Madden Football, The Sims, and Lord Of The Rings, all for a variety of platforms including PlayStation2, PC, PSP, Gamecube, Xbox, and GameBoy Advance - not forgetting the next generation of gaming consoles - PS3, Wii and Xbox360. Worldwide revenues exceed $3B with 6000 employees across the globe.

Electronic Art's UK Studio is home to over 600 talented individuals working on a number of #1 hits including Black, Burnout and Harry Potter. Our culture is highly creative and fueled by the passion to make the best games?.. EVER!

We hire the hottest talent - and move onwards and upwards from there. Since we're often doing things that have never been done before, continuous organisational and individual development is crucial. Employee development at EA has three aims; to focus on business objectives, to measure performance, and to encourage individual growth. The success of this process depends on your self-motivation to find ways to improve and stretch your performance. It also depends on your manager's honest feedback, and, of course, an encouraging environment.

We have big plans for the Studio and are looking for top graduates looking to get involved in the challenges of expanding the boundaries of next generation computer games.

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EA doesn't have a training scheme. Instead we've found that by placing graduates onto live games development teams, they learn faster, benefit from tailored training programmes and are able to drive their career in the direction they want to take!

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