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There’s nothing ordinary about a Dyson machine. Or a Dyson career. We’ve succeeded precisely because we think and act differently. You can buy our machines in 73 countries. And 5,000 people work for Dyson around the globe. By 2020 that number will have grown to 10,000.

We continue to push the boundaries; to make sure our technology is engineered to stand out from the rest. We bring high performance where others remain much-of-a-muchness. Our graduates need to bring the same ambition.

We’ll expect you to make the job yours, right from the start. So unlike our machines, our careers aren’t for everyone. It takes curiosity, grit and an inventive mind to thrive here. After all, we don’t just want you to learn ‘how things are done’ – we want you to find ways of doing them better.

Our Malmesbury HQ is the creative hub of Dyson’s global business. Open plan and collaborative. As a graduate, you’ll learn quickly – sharing ideas and making connections across different functions and different markets.

But standards and expectations are high – and we don’t believe in hand-holding. It takes courage, passion and determination to thrive. Bring all that though, and there’s no limit to what you could achieve.

Engineering: Join our Research, Design and Development (RDD) area and you’ll be part of a 1,700-strong global team of inventors and creative minds. Electronics, mechanical engineering, robotics, design – whatever your background, you’ll have the chance to play your part in the future of Dyson.

Finance: As a graduate on the team, you’ll have a real job from day one – making improvements and solving problems as you learn about our business. You’ll rotate through three placements, each lasting a year. Whilst doing this, you’ll also study to become a qualified ACCA accountant. We’ll not only pay your course fees, we’ll provide you with study time and development support.

Marketing: In your first year you’ll get a thorough grounding in Dyson’s commercial operations at our global HQ in Malmesbury. You’ll be taking a strategic lead, collaborating with experts from different areas – and ensuring we are telling the most compelling stories about ourselves and our machines. You’ll then be equipped for your second year, as you head overseas to one of our 65 markets.

Training & Profiles

At Dyson, we drop our graduates in at the deep end. They learn by doing – not watching. It's an approach that routinely brings the very best out of our brightest new talent, turning them from first-timers to major achievers in months. Not years.

At Dyson, we understand that bowing to this fear of the unconventional is the surest way to cripple innovation. So instead, we embrace its risk of failure as a fundamental part of our approach to design. Knowing that getting it right will lead to tremendous success. And getting it wrong only drives us closer to getting it right.

Application Procedure

Please apply to the latest Dyson opportunities on graduatejobs.com.

What are the opening dates for your new graduate programmes?
Most of our jobs each year open by late September. However, our business is growing so opportunities may appear throughout the year. Which means it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on our website to make sure you don’t miss out. Or if there’s nothing that quite fits at the time, you can apply speculatively and you’ll be alerted as soon relevant vacancies arise.

What are your application deadlines?
We hope to make offers before Christmas. Earlier applications tend to be prioritised because we assess information as it’s received. So please get your application in as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance.

What are your entry requirements?
Most of our graduate programmes require a history of strong academic attainment and a bachelor’s degree. For some technical programmes we need relevant technical degrees. But not for all. Please don’t make assumptions - check each programme to find the specific requirements.

What work experience opportunities do you offer for students and graduates?
We offer summer, 6-month and year-long internships in a number of functions and locations - check our website for live vacancies. Please make sure that you’re legally eligible to live and work in the country of application. Due to the confidential nature of our work we unfortunately can’t offer work experience programmes to individuals.

If my previous application wasn't successful, how long do I have to wait before I can re-apply?
We understand that things change. So you only have to wait 6 months from a declined application before re-applying.

Do you accept applications from graduates who require work permits?
As a rapidly growing global business, we see international experience and ambitions as a great asset. However, due to legislation we can’t offer visa support for all programmes. So before you spend time on your application, please check the details of each programme and location to see if we could support you.

As part of my course I would like to do a placement, does Dyson offer these?
Yes. We offer a number of placement opportunities across different functions and locations. The website will have live vacancies advertised, and you’ll need to be legally eligible to live and work in the country of application.

I've already graduated – can I still apply for a graduate position?
Absolutely. We’re interested in graduates that bring a range of experiences to our business. In some cases you might be more suitable for a more experienced position, but we’ll let you know and connect you to the recruiters best placed to help.

What is it like to work at Dyson?
As you’d imagine, working in a rapidly growing global technology business is intense. Our HQ in Malmesbury is home to nearly 3,000 people - vibrant, energetic and driven. As a creative business, the dress code is relaxed and the atmosphere sociable. But as a school leaver or graduate, you’ll be treated like anyone else in the business: getting hands on from day one, with real responsibilities that stretch you to exceed your own expectations. It’s not easy. It’s not for everyone. But it is invigorating and rewarding.