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Raleigh is a youth and education charity with over 25 years heritage and experience. We run adventure and challenge expeditions for people from a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and life stages with the aim of increasing the leadership skills of young people and their awareness of their role as active global citizens.

Raleigh has a permanent field base and permanent staff in each of its expedition countries which means that we build relationships with host government ministries, local NGO’s and communities to ensure that the projects you’ll be volunteering on are genuinely needed, worthwhile and sustainable.

Raleigh is a charity dedicated to helping you develop your skills and confidence and get the best out of yourself. You'll also get off the beaten track, explore new cultures, make new friends and make a genuine difference to local communities. Get out there!

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Case Studies

  • Name: Benita Sabharwal
  • Role: Graduate ‘Venturer’
  • Joined: Autumn 2009

“Before Raleigh, I had finished University and was unemployed, searching for jobs but getting nowhere. I applied to the Raleigh because I always wanted to volunteer abroad and make a difference. I now work for IT company Mimecast. Without Raleigh I don’t think I would have got this job. It made me stand out against 400 other candidates. Raleigh has really improved my employability skills. The experience was amazing and I will never forget it.”

Training & Profiles

Volunteer overseas with Raleigh – 250 bursary awards available

Raleigh is a youth and education charity that runs adventure and challenge expeditions in Borneo, India and Costa Rica & Nicaragua. We are currently offering Graduate Bursary Awards for 2009 and 2010 graduates who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to join an expedition, enabling you to enhance your employability skills whilst volunteering overseas.

“If you’ve done Raleigh, you’ve actually acquired and honed a lot of the skills that you need in the workplace, in terms of leadership, management, project delivery…it’s a pretty phenomenal thing.” Richard Reed, Co-founder, Innocent Drinks

The Raleigh Graduate Bursary Award is an initiative aimed at recent graduates and final year students who are looking to develop key employability skills, explore new cultures and make a real difference to the world they live in. The Award assists those graduates who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to undertake a 10 week overseas expedition with Raleigh where you’ll work on much needed community and environmental projects, plus undertake a challenging adventure phase.

Raleigh has 250 bursary awards available, each one worth £2000

Nicholas Oldroyd went on expedition to Borneo in 2009:

“After graduating with a degree in architecture I faced an industry with minimum positions available towards which, hordes of equally qualified students were throwing themselves. On my return from Raleigh, the job climate was just as bad as it had been, however what had improved, was me. I was able to show off my achievements and talk with conviction about what I had done on expedition. I received several interviews and accepted a position with one of the top architecture firms in the world, Foster+Partners. Now I am working on multi-million pound projects all over the globe.”

Raleigh is endorsed by leading employers and government departments, so you don’t have to feel guilty about having the time of your life!

Application Procedure

Before applying, check that you are eligible for this award. Eligibility criteria can be found here.