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John Lewis Partnership 2024 graduate opportunities

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The John Lewis Partnership is a multi-award winning retail business and incorporates two of the high street’s most renowned brands – John Lewis and Waitrose.

With almost 50 John Lewis shops we’re the UK’s largest department store group and one of the biggest retail success stories in recent years. We offer over a million different lines (from accessories to toy zebras) and we pride ourselves in innovation of product, quality, value for money and exceptional customer service.

Waitrose has over 300 branches across the UK and works hard to be different, for all the right reasons. In our mission to give our customers a range of products that will make them feel good inside and out, we champion British food and we source ethically and responsibly.

Great things don’t just happen on the high street, of course. Partnership Services, our shared service division houses experts in financial processing, personnel services, partnership services IT and procurement for the business. Then there’s our Group division which sets the Partnership’s strategy, sees that we stick to our goals, offers specialist advice and explores where we can harness shared capabilities to gain competitive advantage.

With this kind of presence in front of and behind the scenes, we’ve got to be doing something right. And we are. We combine traditional values with all that’s modern to respond to customers’ needs. That’s why we’re now an omni-channel business – which makes our growing online businesses as impressive as our high street activity.

Our commitment to innovation and outstanding customer service is part of what makes the John Lewis Partnership so different. But perhaps the most unique aspect is that when you join us you become a Partner. This means you own a share in the business and get to have a say in how it’s run.

But in return, we expect a lot. Adapting to and loving change, driving performance, taking decisive action, inspiring ownership, working right across boundaries, acting with courage and developing talent are all things we look for (along with specific generalist or specialist skills of course). And that’s simply because, as co-owners, we care more. So we give more. From graduate to Partner in one move. That’s progress. That’s the John Lewis Partnership.