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Direct Line Group 2024 graduate opportunities

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We're one of the leading motor, home and small business insurers in the UK. We’re home to some of the nation’s best-known brands, including Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege, Green Flag and NIG.

But we’re about far more than just household names.

We want to make insurance much easier for customers. We want to be known for treating them better than anyone else, both now and in the future. We want to work in a way that’s more creative and more effective than other companies. That means continually evolving our understanding of what our customers want and need.

So we've started on a journey. It’s our chance to do something that very few organisations ever have: to take a completely fresh look at the way we do business, how we work together and how we help our customers. We’re planning for our future, today. And as you’ll see - it’s a future with a great deal of potential.

Where you fit in
In the age of technology, life as we know it is constantly changing. With those changes come new challenges that impact individuals, businesses and communities nationwide. DLG has a responsibility to keep adapting, so we’re ready for whatever lies ahead.

Our customers rely on us to have the knowledge to advise them, protect them and meet their needs – whatever they may be. Often, it’s not about our products, amazing as they are. It’s about the flexible way we approach business. New ideas, enthusiasm and energy. Taking things on and getting them done. It may not be what you expect of an insurance company. But that’s us.

Graduate opportunities
The DLG Graduate Programme is our investment in our future leaders. It’s our way of securing the next generation of talent, producing new experts with the ability to handle the challenges of this changing world.

The programme itself lasts three years and will take you into four completely different jobs through a series of rotations. As you take on fast-paced projects and work with experts, you’re going to learn a lot. That’s not all. A series of intense workshops will give you a toolkit of skills that will last your whole career. As for the areas you could join, they range from finance to HR, risk to claims, digital and technology to sales, and marketing to customer service.

We look for more than just a good honours degree. You’ll need real motivation and the ability to work and create in an ever-changing environment. You’ll bring all of yourself to work every day. Because we know if you’re passionate about what you do and how you look after our customers, you’ll have the potential to become a future leader.

Training & Profiles

It’s a three-year rotational programme based across the UK that will see you being developed to become a future leader of our business. You’ll get involved with a range of fast-paced projects and work streams that have direct impact on our customers. Combining soft skills training, cohort learning, ‘on the job’ training and professional development, you’ll work within a number of attractive roles to stretch and challenge you.

Application Procedure


What do you look for other than good grades in a potential employee?
There’s no single type of person who succeeds at DLG, but we do look for people with something special to offer. We’re just as interested in other aspects of your experience and other parts of your character.

Overall, we look for people with a curiosity to find out more and the ability to think of new ways to solve problems.

Can I apply if I am still studying?
If you’re interested in a graduate role then you can apply, but your academic results will be checked and you’ll need to meet our A-levels and degree classification.

What are the minimum academic requirements?
As a general rule, you’ll need at least:

• 2:1 degree, ideally in Finance, Economics, Business, Management, STEM subjects, HR, Marketing, Digital Technologies.

• Grade B GCSE Maths and grade B GCSE English Language or equivalent.

I don't meet your minimum academic requirements - will I be rejected automatically?
No – if there are extenuating circumstances we will consider the overall application. However, please bear in mind that we’ve developed the criteria as a guide, as to how well you should be able to manage the demands of the role, professional exams and training. So they are very important in the selection process.

What happens after I submit my application form?
Your application will be screened against our criteria. If you meet this, you will be invited to complete an online aptitude test.

This is then followed by a telephone interview and, finally, an assessment centre. You will be informed of how your application is progressing at each stage.