CH2M HILL 2024 graduate opportunities

Company Company Profile

Recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies, CH2M is a global leader in full-service consulting, design, design-build, operations and programme management for public and private clients. Our services range from concept to planning, financing, design, construction and operations.

We serve as the client’s single point of contact in a range of areas such as Transportation, Environment & Nuclear, Industrial & Urban Environments and Water.

We were founded over 65 years ago in the US, and we now have a global presence with over 25,000 people worldwide. In 2014, we worked with 5,000 clients from more than 50 countries to positively impact more than 10,000 communities and produced USD$5.5 billion in revenue.

Our culture is built on our values of respect, collaboration, positivity, compassion and entrepreneurship, and it is underpinned by a tradition of ownership. We always look for people who love nothing more than working with teammates and clients to tackle challenges until they're resolved in the best possible way.


We provide comprehensive and creative solutions for a broad range of transportation challenges, from trains and roads to tunnels, airports and ports. Our team of engineers, designers and specialists collaborates with clients for a tailored approach to each project – whether it’s a feasibility study for a proposed rail freight route or for a new coal port, a geotechnical analysis for a bridge development or the construction of a tunnel. We work to keep our clients and our communities in motion!

Our core services include:

  • Procurement advisory
  • Planning
  • Environmental
  • Design engineering
  • Project/programme management
  • Construction management
  • Operations & asset management


Throughout Europe, communities are working to sustainably manage water for a variety of agricultural, municipal, industrial and ecological needs, and with population growth and climate risk to consider, the management of water is becoming ever more complex. Our Water team brings total water solutions with a balanced approach to the water cycle – from flood to water supplies, treatment, conveyance, wastewater treatment, reuse and recovery.

Our water services include:

  • Master planning
  • Engineering
  • Programme management
  • Construction
  • Design/build
  • Other alternative delivery methods, operations and maintenance and crisis response

Environment & Nuclear

Our work in the Environment & Nuclear market supports governments as well as commercial and industrial projects across Europe.

Our services include:

  • Contaminated site assessment, auditing (statutory and non-statutory), planning and remediation
  • Decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and infrastructure
  • Sediment assessment, design and construction management
  • Waste and landfill projects
  • Munitions response and destruction
  • Planning and licensing of facilities and infrastructure
  • Environment compliance and sustainability – air quality, auditing, due diligence, EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) information management and climate change

Industrial & Urban Environments

We excel in challenging conditions — planning, designing, constructing and managing complex facilities and infrastructure projects. Our Industrial & Urban Environments team works collaboratively with our private, commercial and government clients, creating thriving communities, innovative facilities and sustainable solutions that improve the quality of people’s lives by strengthening their communities.

Our major facilities & urban environments service offerings include the following:

  • Master planning and consulting
  • Architectural and engineering
  • Programme management
  • Construction management
  • Design
  • Lean project delivery
  • Systems integration
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Contingency and logistics
  • Security Assistance

Case Studies

  • Name: Mark Hipwell
  • Role: Graduate Bridge Engineer
  • University: University of Birmingham
  • Degree: M.Eng. Civil Engineering


As a structural engineer, Mark Hipwell works with the Transportation team to help increase capacity and reduce congestion on U.K. motorways.

Having started in our Swindon office, Mark is now based on a project site and thrives in a multi-dimensional team environment. Collaboration is key when small project challenges arise and can only be solved quickly when partnering with several team members and stakeholders. Whether it’s the client, other principal contractors or the people on his own team, Mark has established his own way of making collaboration easier, saying, “I always like to sketch out ideas to try and find a way to deal with any challenges that come up. It's useful for me to do it this way as a picture paints a thousand words. I can then break it down and speak to a manager or one of the senior engineers with the sketch providing a platform to work from.”

Mark’s outgoing and spirited personality is reflected in his drive to build relationships with the people around him, whether they're on the same project site or hundreds of miles away. He says, “What I find unique here is the extra stuff, the internal networks, the collaboration and communication events with JuMP (Junior to Mid-Level Professional network), the Women’s Network, and the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) events. There are so many things going on and so many people engaged, I love being a part of it all.”

We are proud that Mark is at CH2M and believes that we are all a part of projects that will make a real difference in our local communities. “I’m building a motorway that will eventually make people’s lives easier. I’m very proud of what I do and I enjoy every minute.”

Training & Profiles

Summer Internship/ Placement Programme: Our internship programme allows students to apply their theoretical learning to practical tasks and activities, alongside our professional staff. We match our interns to mentors who provide guidance on company practices and career progression. In addition to on-the-job learning, our interns also attend training sessions to expand their technical knowledge and gain soft skills.

And at the end of the internship, you will have the chance to deliver a presentation to the Senior Leadership team on the project you have worked on and your experiences as an intern. Our ultimate aim is to offer permanent jobs or return internships/ placements to people who have performed well during their time with us.

Graduate Development Programme (GDP): We support the development of the professional and business skills of our graduates as they work towards professional qualifications. We have launched an enhancement to this support, a Graduate Development Programme (GDP), which will include:

  • An annual face to face event for the UK Graduate hires
  • Development of a graduate network
  • E-learning on Business topics
  • Mentoring from a colleague
  • Monthly forums on developmental topics
  • Business projects to widen experience