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CGI technology is some of the most advanced in the world. Here are just a few examples of how we bringing ideas to life.

Ten things you couldn't do without CGI...

  1. You couldn’t send a text message! We sent the first text in 1992 & manage 2/3 of today’s messages
  2. You couldn’t watch satellite TV. Our systems manage satellite booking/billing in the UK, Europe, Australasia & beyond
  3. Life would be cold and dark. We designed the electricity trading markets & our systems manage >85% of gas storage
  4. The Mars landings wouldn’t have happened. We work on all Europe’s missions to other planets and moons
  5. Our troops in Afghanistan couldn’t communicate securely. We’d like to tell you more but it’s hush-hush
  6. Your credit & debit cards wouldn’t work everywhere you go! Find out more @
  7. Your money wouldn’t move as smoothly. We’ve played key roles in creating SWIFT, CHAPS, Faster Payments & CLS
  8. You couldn’t fly in UK airspace. We delivered the central control & monitoring system for NATS
  9. Designed and manage the Police National Database helping the UK Police cut crime & keep us safe
  10. Your ideas may not be protected. We are pioneering new patent management systems with the EPO

CGI technology is all around us, from Boris Bikes to secure communication technology our people are behind some of the most innovative and ground breaking IT services in the world. You’ve probably used CGI technology today!

A day in the life of Bob, powered by CGI

The next morning Bob checks the weather forecast via the internet, looks like great day to go for a drive! Weather system information – Delivered by systems built by CGI that produce the weather satellite images across Europe, Africa, East Asia and Australia

Bob visits his local car dealership to buy a new car. Using CGI's Asset Finance platform, Phoenix360 the dealer agrees the finance, insurance, and following verification, Bob drives away in his new Mercedes.

Stressed Bob remembers he has a hospital appointment fortunately, he has completed his appointment and online questionnaire. The patient, clinical and appointment systems provided by CGI.

Whilst driving from the hospital Bob has an accident with a BMW car driver. The BMW driver calls for assistance using the (M2M) platform built by CGI built-in car communications.

Arriving home Bob checks his smart electricity meter that communicates daily through CGI systems to retrieve consumption data before heading to bed after a long and exciting day...

Training & Profiles

All graduates joining CGI will be assigned a Staff Manager and a Line Manager, together they will help formulate a career progression pathway and development plan unique to each new joiner. We invest heavily in our new joiners to ensure they are equipped to start contributing to CGI’s business straight away, with access to online and face-to-face training from induction through to professional qualifications where necessary.


Many of our roles require technical degrees and backgrounds, but we do have a number of roles open to business/HR and finance graduates within our technical practices. Our SAP Practice for example looks for graduates with technical and non-technical backgrounds including HR, finance and accounting. Our Bid Management Practice is looking for graduates with a flair for business writing, graduates with arts, humanities, law or business degrees are encouraged to apply.

Please check our requirements for all roles before applying and ensure you are applying for the right role and eligible to work for us.