Carillion 2024 graduate opportunities}

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Who we are

We’re a growing organisation of over 40,000 people, operating in diverse markets and locations, across the globe. Since our foundation, we’ve been delivering ground-breaking infrastructure projects and essential services that have touched millions of lives, in extraordinary – and extraordinarily different – ways. From building the world’s largest public library to its most visited art gallery, from keeping major hospitals running smoothly to regenerating local communities, together, we’re making tomorrow a better place.

Our programme

If you want to transform the world around you, here, you can. And the ways in which you can do it are as wide-ranging as our business. Over your two-year training course, we’ll give you the tools and opportunities you need to make your own enduring mark on the people and places we work with – how you choose to make that mark is up to you. Our graduate programme is rotational: we’ll encourage you to explore Carillion and discover which part of our business most suits your strengths, interests and aspirations.

Here’s a brief overview of the three business areas that you can get involved in:

Construction & Infrastructure

Including Building, Civil Engineering, Consultancy, Quantity Surveying/Commercial and Rail

Help us to build landmarks and infrastructure that will create lasting, positive change for the communities we work with.

Support Services

Including Government & Defence, Engineering Services, Facilities Management, Project Management, Corporate, Communities and Health

Take responsibility for providing vital services that will shape and improve the lives of thousands of people, every day.

Central Functions

Including Finance & Private Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, ICT and Communications & Marketing

Create and implement strategies that will equip us with the tools we need, and help us to make an impact where it’s needed most.

What we’re looking for

In Construction & Infrastructure, we typically look for degrees within Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction, Electrical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Science, Commercial Management, Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, Geology, Geography and Engineering Geology.

In Support Services we encourage applications particularly from degrees within Business Studies/Management, Project Management, Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying.

In Central Functions we look for degrees within Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Building, Quantity Surveying, Engineering, I.T, Technology, English, Media, Communications, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

However, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. In general, we encourage applications from a variety of disciplines: what matters most to us is your outlook, a clear sense of determination and the ability to find the right solutions to complex, challenging problems.

All degree classifications will be considered for each of our programme areas.

Case Studies

  • Name: Liam
  • Role: Graduate in Central Functions
  • University: Edge Hill University
  • Degree: BSc (Hons) Business & Management with Year in Industry


I can choose my own path

Because of the sheer size of our organisation, it’s sometimes hard to grasp the effect we have on the world around us. When you look at where we work and what we’ve created – roads, schools, libraries, railways – you realise that we’re changing things everywhere, whether we’re building something important or delivering a crucial service. That’s what makes this job stand out. Because we’re such a diverse business, I could end up making a difference in almost any sector: healthcare, defence, government… Those opportunities extend as far as our business does. Now, I’m exploring those paths and finding the one that’s right for me.

  • Name: Michael
  • Role: Graduate in Support Services
  • University: Bristol UWE
  • Degree: BSc (Hons) Business Studies


I can create a solution that’s sustainable

I’m helping to transform the way our clients do business. From hospitals to airports, I’m responsible for ensuring that they get the resources they need to change people’s lives for the better, by doing things in a way that’s affordable and sustainable. Managing so many critical supply chains is a complex process: I’m constantly establishing relationships, negotiating and communicating with stakeholders and suppliers, across the country. At the moment, I’m overseeing the whole procurement process for a number of clients in completely different sectors. It’s exciting because I know my work is influencing hundreds of lives in hundreds of different ways, each day.

  • Name: Sisa
  • Role: Graduate in Central Functions
  • University: Manchester Metropolitan
  • Degree: BA (Hons) Business Management with HR


I can shape the future of this company

There’s a huge amount of potential here. It’s my job to make sure we realise it. I’m doing in-depth research into different areas of our organisation, learning to analyse complex data and finding smarter ways for us to make a positive impact. The conclusions I draw and the advice I give will change things, not just across Carillion but for our communities as well. It’s a lot of responsibility: I know I have a real opportunity to make tomorrow a better place, for our business and the people we work with. But, with all of the support that’s available to me, I know that it’s something I can do.


Training & Profiles

During your two-year programme, you'll learn on-the-job, building your experience by working directly on a range of challenging projects. As you progress, we'll help you to achieve professional qualifications relevant to your business area. You'll also receive a technical training plan, designed by experts in your field and structured around your specific discipline. This will focus on:

• Rotations covering different departments and competencies.

• Working in areas of the business outside of your chosen specialism.

• Exposure to some of our landmark infrastructure projects.