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Brand Teams support each division including Television, Radio, Journalism, Future Media, BBC North and each nation and region. Operating in close partnership with the editorial leaders of the output divisions to bring a combination of professional marketing and brand leadership, audience insight and planning, and communications expertise in order to ensure a coherent, consistent experience for audiences aligned to the overarching BBC Brand strategy.

The Creative Marketing Team is a pan-BBC team, responsible for delivering all the creative output of Marketing across all platforms. We deliver great work that helps to realise the potential of the BBC and its brands, effectively and efficiently brings audiences to our content and products, and helps shape a compelling coherent BBC narrative.

The Media Engagement Team partners with our Divisional Marketing teams and the wider BBC in order to amplify the exposure for our brands, products and services. This includes the management of our expansive portfolio of media inventory across TV, Radio and Online. We also continually look at new ways to engage our audiences in targeted and brand consistent ways, such as through social media or events.

The BBC Audiences Team brings to life the BBC's core value that ‘audiences are at the heart of everything we do’. We provide an in-depth understanding of our diverse audiences and their behaviours. Our team deliver audience insights that act as context and inspiration for the creative, editorial and strategic decisions made across the organisation.