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SUEZ, recycling and recovery UK, (formerly SITA UK) is a recycling and waste management company, which operates across the country.

Part of the multinational SUEZ group, we manage recycling and waste on behalf of 40,000 local authority and business customers, using innovative methods to recover value from it.

Our vision is to live in a society where there is no more waste and our guiding principle is the circular economy. In a circular economy, nothing is thrown away and all materials stay in the production cycle after use. We are developing practical solutions that are helping to make this a reality. We have a range of processing facilities where we recycle and recover energy from the millions of tonnes of waste we handle.

With over 5,500 members of staff working across a whole range of business areas in the UK, and 90,000 globally, our people are the company’s greatest asset and we are proud to be an Investor in People. This year we have been credited as one of the top 25 UK companies to work for employee engagement by Best Companies.

A friendly and supportive place that you will love to work we believe creativity, clear communication and our drive for excellence are the keys to our success. We also expect our people to be enthusiastic and responsible. If you share our thinking – and have the qualities we’re looking for – you could play a big part in our team.

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