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Customer Systems is a highly specialised implementation consulting, training, support and software products firm operating alongside suppliers of leading application software packages. We specialise in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.

Our three fundamental differentiators are:

  • EXTREME EXPERTISE – We become the world leading experts in any product we work with.
  • DEDICATION TO MISSION – We care as much as you do that your project is successful and meets your real business requirements.
  • INTEGRITY – We get the job done in the minimum time and with the minimum resources necessary to provide the quality of solution you want.
  • We have recently and successfully launched a range of products concerned with providing mobile access to leading enterprise CRM packages and, at the same time, dramatically simplifying the user experience.

Our HQ is in Chertsey, Surrey, UK but we operate throughout Europe and the USA and further afield. Our work has, so far, encompassed 31 countries in 5 continents, with the majority in Europe and the north eastern USA.

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