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Company Company Profile

Tangible Benefit is a London based IT solutions provider. We formed in October 1997 and have enjoyed sustained year on year growth since then. Our turnover for our last 12 months was in excess of £15m. Real Business Magazine in conjunction with Dun and Bradstreet have named us the 2nd fastest growing privately owned UK company for the period 1997 to 2001.

Our core competencies are the supply and integration of Server products (Intel and Unix) and the supply and integration of LAN/WAN Infrastructure products. Tangible Benefit has high levels of project management skills, necessary for the successful integration of technical and logistics functions to fully satisfy client requirements. We understand the capabilities and limitations of our vendors and work with them to provide robust and workable solutions - on time and within budget.

The key to our success is our people; we are a cohesive team. Without a skilled and dedicated team it is not possible to achieve the smooth supply and on-going support of complex multi-vendor solutions. Our Engineers, Technicians and Account Managers are empowered to make executive decisions to ensure we meet and exceed client expectations - this empowerment is a major contributory factor to our very high levels of staff retention.

Training & Profiles

Tele-Sales Account Manager:
You start your role on the phone. Receiving intensive initial sales training and induction during which you are fully trained on the products and services that we supply, you are soon thrust into the real world of business - chasing and securing small to medium orders.

The role is demanding and stressful but brings immense satisfaction when you achieve the challenging but attainable goals set for you.

Account Manager:
Month 3-5 - you have started booking appointments and attending them with a senior member of staff who will mentor you. You will now be quoting for larger supply contracts.

The role whilst still demanding now blends office life with external appointments rewarding the long hours spent on the phone whilst training.

Senior Account Manager:
Month 8 - you have grown and developed - your business skills are now honed and polished. You understand your job and have mastered the many skills needed. You are now ready to be given very high levels of autonomy and operate your own profit and loss account. You are measured on your revenue stream and client satisfaction - both of which will be high. Your compensation is changed and your basic is moved to £25000 - 12 months from now you should be earning in excess of £45000.

Sales Manager:
Month 18 - it's time to take the next step. You have mastered managing your own time now you need to prove that you can motivate and inspire a team working for you - can you replicate your success with another intake of smart focussed individuals. Full assistance will be given to you as Tangible Benefit is based 100% on our employees and you are now running a team - this is a lot of responsibility and you will be able to call on the support of your colleagues and directors.

Your team are every bit as bright and ambitious as you - how are you going to win and retain their respect - how are you going to speed their progress - how are you going to increase their revenue and client satisfaction? In short how will you lead them. Your compensation is determined by your teams success - your total earnings will match the high responsibilities placed on you.


Tangible Benefit conforms to the highest ethical codes, following all statue law regarding this subject and also adheres to its own codes of practice internally giving all employees the opportunity to voice any opinions or problems that they may have. Tangible Benefit provides a no-blame culture that enables its employees to take responsibility over their actions and preferred working practices.

Tangible Benefit operates strict codes over such issues as racism and is a equal opportunities employer.