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Having been around since the 1930’s, and opening our first UK store in the early 90’s we have never looked back. Instead, we have expanded rapidly and now have over 620 stores and 16,000 employees in the UK alone.

Lidl, which was crowned Grocer of the Year at the 2015 Grocer Gold awards, takes pride in providing top quality products at the lowest possible prices throughout the country from Kirkwall to the Isle of Wight.

In recent years Lidl’s quarterly wine collection has been embraced by the British public, enabling households up and down the country to buy premium wines such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape at incredible value.

Regular world food themes give customers a chance to excite their taste buds with a range of produce from all over the world including the South of France, Italy, Poland and Cornwall. Whilst its roots may be in Germany, Lidl UK is passionate about working with British producers and two thirds of its products are sourced from the UK.

Internationally, we have over 10,000 stores and around 210,000 employees. We also have over 135 warehouses shipping some 1,600 products to almost every country in Europe.

As an employer we have a simple philosophy, we keep our employees happy, our employees keep our customers happy, and our business continues to grow and flourish. Everybody wins!

Training & Profiles

Helping graduates develop their personal, commercial, organisational and management skills, our training and development programmes fulfil our people's potential and ensure the long term success of our business. We aim to build outstanding teams equipped with expert knowledge, offering platforms for long term career progression.

It’s not just about formal training though. You’ll discover how important it is to be part of a team that shares the same passion, commitment and drive. Just being part of Lidl UK is a great learning experience in itself. We’re proud of our company but never too proud to roll up our sleeves and help a colleague. That just about sums us up.

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