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Who We Are

Established in 1984, with offices and clients across the UK, we provide a variety of business support services including:

  • Employee Benefits voluntary and flexible benefits, salary sacrifice, total reward statements and communication programmes.
  • Insurance Products including Income Protection, Hospital Plans and Private Medical Insurance.
  • Financial Planning and wealth management.

We understand that the needs of clients are different, which is why we have dedicated teams that support each area of the group. But no matter which part of the group you deal with two things remain the same, our approach and our philosophy.

Our Approach

Our approach is to listen, to respond and to innovate. We want to build lasting relationships with all our customers and we do this by listening to what they say, responding to what they need and by anticipating what might be required in the future, developing our offer accordingly.

Our Philosophy

Personal Group was founded on the core principle of making a positive difference. Whether it is by developing benefit programmes that help employers reward, motivate, recruit and retain staff, providing products that safeguard against loss of income through illness or injury or by helping individuals plan their financial future. The core principle on which the business was founded is the philosophy by which we all still operate today.

  • Over 550 UK organisations and over 2.0million employees rely on us to provide benefit solutions that help recruit, retain and reward employees.
  • Over 320,000 insurance policies in force across our whole product range.
  • In 2014 we handled almost 45,000 claims. *

Personal Group was floated on AIM in 2000 and today the group has revenue of £47.0 million and employs over 180 people.

* Figures correct at May 2015

Case Studies

  • Name: Fiona Jackson-Gray
  • Role: Group Account Executive
  • University: Leeds College of Art

I joined Personal Group in September 2013, my first real job. Straight from university, having studied Creative Advertising at Leeds College of Art, I was offered endless unpaid "work placements" for up to a year with no guarantee of an actual job. I wanted a job that made me feel valued, and from that point I decided that advertising wasn't for me. A friend, now colleague, introduced me to Personal Group and after telling me about the wages, incentives, parties and goodies I didn't hesitate to take the bull by the horns and start my career as a salesperson. I haven't looked back since!

Personal Group take pride in everything they deliver, from their products to their staff and I have felt valued as an employee from day one. The structure of the job itself is solid, and they really do give you everything you need in order to go out in the sales field and do well. Day one is better than Christmas, you get loaded up with all the gadgets - iPad, iPhone and car! They then take you under their wing and teach you everything you need to know to become completely successful within Personal Group. Give it your all and you'll experience many days that are better than Christmas!

The training team, management and colleagues are so willing for you to do well and earn the money, drive the cars that you want to drive, enjoy the incentives, holidays, parties and awards that are so consistent and so incredibly super! If you want the success it's laid out for you to take.

I took the challenge. It was hard, very hard, at first but with the support and having your own focus to work hard and achieve your goals it is totally do-able (and worth it). I obtained Premier League in my first full quarter, and having maintained it every quarter since I now drive my dream Mercedes. I bring in enough money each month to feed my expensive shopping habit. I was able to thoroughly enjoy and share a mind blowing, all expenses paid, and five star convention holiday to Marrakech with my mum. I have attended lots of incentive parties and met some really amazing people along the way. Most importantly, I still love every aspect of my job and I would recommend working for Personal Group to anyone who wants to work hard and live a life that mirrors it.

  • Name: Paul Jones
  • Role: Group Account Executive
  • University: University of Salford

I joined the company in January 2014 after being made redundant from a major high street bank. Personal Group offered me the graduate job I wanted in direct sales and the chance to progress in my career. The perks of the job include great commission, holidays and a fully expensed car with the opportunity to upgrade to my car of choice, an Audi A5. Personal Group is a company that is going places and we have just recently acquired two businesses to allow us to grow and expand our proposition. The business is already so different since I joined 18 months ago and I cannot wait to see where we are in another 18 months.

  • Name: Kerry Wrigglesworth
  • Role: Location Manager
  • University: Manchester Metropolitan University

I began working at Personal Group in 2012, a couple of months after I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Degree in Languages and Linguistics. I had always been competitive and driven, having competed for Team GB’s downhill mountain bike team, so a new challenge at Personal Group was very welcome.

Initially I was looking for a summer job to bide my time before I went to do a season racing my bike in New Zealand. Three years, four cars and two foreign trips later and I’m still here.

It takes something special to keep me engaged for this long, and Personal Group is it. The rewards are fantastic, and there is always something to aim for. Initially, I started as an Executive and made Premier League in my first full quarter. Within a year I had qualified for my car of choice, which was a Mercedes CLA, and I had a pay rise every six months.

Sound good? If you are driven and have resilience then it is possible. This all took serious work and long hours, but not once have I ever been bored whilst working here.

After two years in the field as an Executive I decided I was ready for my next challenge, and I applied for a job in the Location Management team. After some difficult interviews and assessment days, I was offered the position of Location Manager for the Bespoke Re-Service Accounts. Now I have my own little team, and spend a lot more time with our clients. I am constantly learning new things, and I feel lucky that Personal Group sees the value in hard work and potential, rather than just searching for experience.

If you are independent with a sense of adventure and love a good challenge, have a go at applying, and fingers crossed we will see you at the next party!

Training & Profiles

When you join Personal Group as a Group Account Executive, we will provide you with a comprehensive 13 day training academy to give you the best start in the sales field. Additionally, we provide ongoing development field training and support throughout your career with us.


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