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Economic turmoil, natural disasters, commercial imperatives. These all add up to a world that’s full of challenges. We’ve made it our business at Lloyd’s Register to address these challenges. To bring certainty to an uncertain world. As a global engineering, technical and business services organisation operating in the marine, energy and transport sectors, we can offer engineering graduates the opportunity to do something that matters. It’s a chance to add value to society and help businesses create safe, responsible and sustainable supply chains. It’s a chance to drive up standards in design, manufacture, construction and maintenance. It’s a chance to do what you do best – solve problems with your imagination and improve the world around us.

Our core focus is on providing independent assurance and expert advice to companies operating high-risk, capital intensive assets. Safety, integrity and high standards are the guiding principles behind everything we do. This has helped us build an enviable reputation and win the trust and respect of the clients we serve.

Because we’re an independent business, we can plough our profits back into the business – and beyond.

Our parent entity, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, is a charity, with a mission to fund science, engineering and technology research for public benefit worldwide. We are the organisation’s operating company that generates the profits that fund the public benefit activities. And our compliance, risk and technical consultancy services directly support a significant part of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s charitable objectives, to enhance the safety of life, property and the environment by helping our clients to ensure the quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure.

The divisions of our business


Lloyds Register - Energy

Our Energy business invests its considerable expertise to resolve some of the largest and most complex challenges the commercial world has to offer. Power stations, oil fields, pipelines, refineries and manufacturing plants all fall within our wide-ranging sphere of influence. We’ve made it our business to help clients by improving the safety, reliability and performance of their assets.

We provide services ranging from compliance and technical consulting to business solutions. And, through a global network of specialists, we work with companies of all sizes across upstream, downstream, power and manufacturing.


Lloyds Register - Marine

The shipping industry is bigger and more complex than ever before. It plays a vital role in connecting the supply chains of the goods we need to live our lives. Lloyd’s Register is at the heart of this industry. We make it safer, more sustainable. And we work with shipowners, builders and regulators the world over to do so.

But we can’t achieve our objectives without the talent, ingenuity and commitment of our people.

Our challenge is to ensure our classification and consultancy services continue to set the gold standard. This means you’ll work at the forefront of technology and innovation. And the expertise you’ll gain while working with us will not only help our clients solve their many and varied technical challenges, it will also make you a more well-rounded professional.


The work of our Transportation business is primarily focused on the rail industry. Through it, we provide expert advice and assurance services aimed squarely at improving the safety, quality and performance of rail systems across the world. We support a wide range of organisations in this sector – operators, manufacturers, maintenance companies, infrastructure managers, investors and regulators – for whom shortfalls in quality can result in punishing financial and reputational consequences, significant impacts on surrounding communities and even risk to safety.

Our teams of rail engineers and technical specialists are based across Europe, the Middle East and Asia and undertake work on systems of all size and purpose, from high-speed international routes through to local light rail schemes. Our clients range from some of the world’s largest rail administrations to niche component suppliers.

Technical knowledge is the backbone of our business. We offer specialist advice and support across rolling stock, signalling, safety engineering, human factors, energy efficiency, project management, software, civil engineering and asset management, among others.

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Interesting facts:

  • The phrase “A1” which has passed into common usage meaning “first rate- the very best”, originates from its use as the highest classification awarded to ships by Lloyd’s Register.
  • The Lloyd’s Register of Ships was classed as a secret document during both World Wars. Spies obtained copies which were reproduced and placed onboard German navy capital ships and submarines
  • If you placed all of our existing marine fleet and ships in the order book end to end, they would stretch for nearly 1,000 km. Or from London to Copenhagen, Bilbao, Marseille or Genoa.
  • The Lloyd’s Register Foundation has been established as an independent charity operating throughout the world.