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Jagex Ltd was founded in December 2001. It's principal product is the massively multiplayer online game RuneScape. Since its launch RuneScape has grown to over 4,000,000 active free players, whilst the members' version has over 600,000 paying subscribers. The company now has 200 employees mostly based in the Cambridge office.

Jagex intends to become a significant operator in all the major gaming markets worldwide; developing and commercialising highly compelling persistent character games that appeal to a wide audience. Our ambition for 2006 is to exceed 750,000 subscribers for RuneScape and a further 3 languages.

Website: www.jagex.com/corporate & www.runescape.com

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Jagex, as an independent developer & publisher of the massively multiplayer online role playing game, Runescape, we' re currently expanding & have a wide range of opportunities at all levels.

We are looking for enthusiastic, highly self motivated, talented individuals with a natural interest and love for programming and a flair for lateral thinking. We are in the belief that programming comes from the soul and this is what differentiates potential programming wizards to standard programmers. We will provide both quality training and excellent opportunities for development. We recognise the importance of personal development for both the individual and the business and will provide appropriate guidance in your quest for success.

We can offer you a unique working environment and an excellent package including Annual Bonus, Private Health Care, Gym membership plus other benefits.



We ideally look for candidates with a minimum first degree grade of 2:1 or above. We will however consider candidates with a 2:2 if you have other relevant experience.

Applications from candidates with relevant Masters degrees and PhDs are also welcome.

UCAS Points?

We do not have any specific UCAS points requirements.

Work Permits?

In order that we may employ you within the law it is essential that you have the necessary permission to work in the United Kingdom.

We welcome applications from Overseas students and will arrange relevant paperwork to be processed if candidate is successful.

How many vacancies do you have?

We expect to have around 100 vacancies for graduates and 60 industrial placements in 2006.

Is there any closing date to applications?

We do not have a set closing date. Candidates for graduate and industrial placement positions are however recommended to apply as soon as possible to ensure that their application can be considered against the maximum number of vacancies.

How long will it take for me to hear from Jagex after I send in my application form?

Your application will be acknowledged on receipt. We will then aim to advise you of your progress as quickly as possible. If there's an immediate match between your talents and our needs then we will be in touch again within four weeks.

If we have no immediate opportunities available we may wish to keep your application on hold until a time we do have a suitable position for you.

If I am successful, when can I start working for Jagex?

A suggested start date will be made with an offer of employment based upon information given as part of your application. We have numerous start dates throughout the year.

What salary is paid to graduates?

Our salary and benefits package reflects your technical knowledge, skills, individual performance and development - and regular reviews ensure we continue to recognise your progress. The starting salary for our 2006 intake has not been set, but for comparison our 2005 graduate starting salaries ranged from £15,000 - £30,000 depending on the position and your past experience.

What training is provided?

All graduates will undertake a series of on job training courses in their first year which are designed to introduce you to the Jagex way of business and guide you every step of the way.

Where is Jagex in the UK?

The majority of our vacancies are in Cambridge.

What do you have to wear?

There is no set dress code!