HBOS Plc 2024 graduate opportunities

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Formed in 2001, HBOS is a result of the merger between Halifax and Bank of Scotland. We’re the UK's largest mortgage lender and the largest provider of liquid savings products.

Many of you will know us for our specific brands, including Bank of Scotland Corporate, Clerical Medical, Sheila's Wheels and naturally, Bank of Scotland and Halifax. These are all household names. And all of them share our commitment to customer care, dedication to value for money and continual drive for high standards.

Everything we do here has a real forward-focus. As a business, we're passionate about finding new ways to do even more for our customers. And we believe that the best way to do this is to invest in our colleagues, because we understand that our strategy is at its most effective when our colleagues are engaged and motivated by it. This is one of the key reasons that we take colleague development so seriously.

It’s fair to say, that throughout the Group, our objective is always the same. Whether it’s in the support we give our clients, the positive environment we provide for our teams or the work we do with local communities, the aim is always to build for a more positive and sustainable future.

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We’re looking for people that are passionate about their work, driven and ready to take on genuine responsibility. With plans for continuing progress, you can rest assured that you’ll develop just as quickly as we do.

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