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Essex County Council is one of the largest and most ambitious local authorities in the country. With a turnover in excess of £2 billion, it is a dynamic and innovative organisation, committed to making a difference to the 1.4 million people living in Essex.

Its responsibilities are huge. These cover social care, waste, recycling, economic development and regeneration, community planning, transport, schools, international partnerships, sport development (including the 2012 Olympics), libraries, policy development, heritage, tourism and emergency planning.

Essex County Council is going through an exciting and challenging time, as it seeks to deliver both ever-improving services and value for money. Indeed, the role of local government in shaping the future of local communities in the 21st century will be more important than ever. This is why Essex County Council is striving to become even more business-orientated and customer-focussed and work even closer with its partners.

It means Essex County Council is uniquely placed to offer a vibrant environment for high-calibre graduates who can make a real and visible contribution to an ambitious agenda for delivering public services. They offer a Fast Track Management Programme, starting in September 2012, through which graduates undertake four six-month placements involving hands-on roles in high-profile projects across all areas of the organisation. The programme offers an ideal opportunity to learn new and transferable skills, meet people from a range of backgrounds and develop a career in which individual actions make a positive difference to people’s lives.

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