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More than a Pipedream

“Edgen Murray’s enduring strength, our very defining quality, is to support the energy supply chain in the world’s harshest environments and most extreme conditions”

Edgen Murray is a global company supplying the most comprehensive inventory of high performance steel products in the world. We provide the energy sector with a unique combination of steel industry knowledge and global logistics infrastructure and support.

The steel and energy sectors are inextricably linked to the growth of the world’s economy. The energy sector is perhaps the largest single global economic driver and steel is one of its fundamental building blocks. Steel in its various grades and forms provide the majority of structural and processing materials used in any of the energy sector's upstream, midstream, downstream or power applications. The only thing more fundamental is the energy source itself – be it oil, gas and wind, or solar, geothermal, wave or nuclear.

This is not a company for the faint hearted, but for those with a desire to succeed! We base our hiring decisions on one simple element: talent! We’re looking for people with passion, flair and self-motivation - your academic qualifications are a given.

We’re looking for people whose drive and passion matches ours, people who can be the future leaders of our company. In short, we’re looking for people who want to turn their pipedreams into a reality.

Our 12-month training programme will be focused on our Eastern Hemisphere Operations and will be directly supported by the Eastern Hemisphere Board of Directors, with each successful candidate being allocated a Board member as their mentor. You will take part in 3 key placements at each of our Eastern Hemisphere “hub” locations - Edinburgh (Newbridge) in the UK, Dubai in the UAE and Singapore. You will also undertake placements lasting one week at each of our regional offices in the UK (London and Darlington), France (Paris), Australia (Perth), China (Shanghai), Indonesia (Jakarta), India ( Mumbai and Gurgaon), Saudi Arabia (Al Khobar) and you may also get the chance to participate in client visits to additional worldwide destinations. This programme is designed to give you the opportunity to build experience in Sales, Operations, Marketing and Finance.

Graduates joining the programme can expect a full induction, a mentoring programme, on-the-job training and learning & development events designed to give you the general professional and soft skills you need to be successful in working life. In the future, you will also be encouraged to undertake appropriate professional qualifications where applicable.

If you want to turn your pipedream into a reality, apply to Edgen Murray today!

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Once you have joined us as a graduate you will be aligned to a member of the Eastern Hemisphere Board who will act as your mentor throughout the duration of the programme. How often you communicate with your mentor will in part depend on your needs but you can expect regular 1:1 sessions for advice, organisation insight and to focus on your development needs. Your mentor will look to inspire, motivate and challenge you with each new opportunity, which is made available for you during the programme.

Training & Opportunities

During the programme there will be a number of training and development events and opportunities available to graduates. These will include an induction programme, a mentoring programme, on-the-job training and various learning events that help graduates with the transition from academia to work life. Any other courses that are considered to be important by both yourself and your mentor will be given due consideration.

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