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Life today is built on connectivity. As a global innovations company, BT uses the power of communications to make a better world.

Global innovation
From broadband and TV to mobile, BT is driven by the exhilaration of building an ever-growing range of services that help millions of customers get more out of life, every day.

But there’s so much more to BT than that. The company’s research and development teams help vehicle manufacturers make smarter cars, let consultants treat patients remotely, and provide secure fingerprint technology for festival goers.

As one of the world’s leading companies, BT helps people, businesses and communities to create possibilities, in more than 180 countries.

Incredible people
As well investing in high-tech innovation, BT is also investing in people. Those who share BT’s drive and passion for putting customers at the heart of what they do can join the company’s relentless quest for innovation in a wide range of graduate and internship programmes.

Case Studies

  • Name: Sarah Pratt
  • Role: Marketing Graduate
  • Joined: September 2015
  • University: Lancaster University
  • Degree: Marketing/ Marketing Management

"I decided to join the BT Marketing graduate programme in September 2015, because of BT’s rotational scheme within their Consumer Marketing department. This means I get to work in several roles across my two years, learning about all different aspects of marketing. They also pay for my Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification, which is something that will make me stand out in my marketing career."

"Overall, I’ve been able to develop my marketing experience in numerous fields and it challenges me to become better at everything I do, every day."

Training & Profiles

Exceptional opportunities

BT has designed programmes to kick start a broad variety of careers. Graduates with a thirst for knowledge and solutions can make amazing things happen in Business Management, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Customer First and Sales, Network IT and Operations Management, Network Engineering, Research and Innovation, Security or Software Engineering.

BT also offers excellent Technical Internships, with both 12-week summer placements and 11-month year-in-industry opportunities.

Thanks to a strong focus on developing future leaders, graduates and interns at BT can look forward to all the training and development they need to fulfil their ambitions.

Whichever specialist path you choose to follow, with BT you’ll help to change how people live, by bringing new ideas to life.

To view case studies on our existing graduates and interns, please visit our website.

Application Procedure


Can I work towards professional qualifications?
There are often opportunities to get extra qualifications on our graduate programme. Please read the role overview pages in the programme section for more information.

If there’s not a qualification as part of your programme but you feel it is important to your career at BT, let us know once you’ve joined. We’ll look into the business case for us investing in the extra training.

As you talk to people in BT you’ll hear many of them have completed a range of qualifications here.

Can I move around within BT?
The amount you move around when you join us will depend on which area of the business you work in. Some areas offer structured rotations, working in different teams every 6-9 months. You’ll find out more about this if you apply and spend some time with us at an Assessment Centre.

If you join more of a specialist programme (like in our technology stream), it’s much more likely you’ll spend time in your programme role really mastering it and learning your trade to become an expert. So you’ll have the opportunity to take on real responsibility quickly.

How is my progress monitored?
From the start, your manager will measure your performance against your personal and team objectives. You'll have regular performance reviews with your line manager to get feedback, talk about how you're doing and for you to show how you're meeting those objectives.

For more information, please visit our website.