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Engineering Graduate Scheme Opportunities
£22,000 + Bonus

BOC, as part of The Linde Group, is a world leading industrial gas and engineering company with over 53,000 employees, operations in over 70 countries and revenue approaching €12.7 billion.

Its hard to imagine a company that has a greater influence on our lives.

The products BOC produce play a vital role in applications as diverse as purifying water to producing microchips. They can be found almost everywhere - from hospitality to outer space, in factories, laboratories and farms.

BOC offer an award winning and market leading graduate programme. A scheme restricted in numbers to ensure you have the relevant tools, development and exposure to become one of our business leaders of the future. There is a real opportunity to make a difference from the moment you join us and where your mentor is one of the key business shapers. We’re looking for talented, bright and ambitious individuals to join us. You’ll need a good degree as well as plenty of drive, initiative and self-confidence. You’re creative, flexible and analytical. You work well as part of a team and thrive in a results-oriented environment.

Training & Profiles

During your first week of the programme there will be a series of comprehensive induction sessions. These will give you a solid grounding in BOC and a great opportunity to meet graduates from other areas of the business. Then you'll start gathering vital on-the-job experience and taking early responsibility.

For engineering graduates (whether qualified in chemical or mechanical engineering), we embark you on formal technical and managerial training, a programme that is accredited by the IChemE and IMechE so the whole time you’ll be working towards chartered status.

The finance graduate programme is built around study for membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA) – a three-year scheme that will provide the ideal platform for your career. We’ll make sure you have generous study leave to get you through the exams. After all, we’ve had several CIMA prize winners over the years and we’re keen to add some more.

For both schemes you’ll undertake four or five placements, tailored to your interests and aspirations. Throughout the programmes you’ll also be assigned your own personal mentor – a senior BOC manager in your chosen field – who’s there to give impartial advice and facilitate the feedback process.

As you move forward in your career, there are all sorts of directions you can take and whatever you do, you will never be short of challenging and rewarding work.

Application Procedure

For further information and to apply online, please visit here.


Starting Salary £22,000 + sign on bonus, fully supported further study package including study leave.