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Ashfield is part of UDG Healthcare plc’s Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services division, and is the UK’s largest contract services organisation, offering the most comprehensive and flexible solutions in pharmaceutical outsourcing. Ashfield is a vibrant, fast-paced and exciting global company where you will enjoy a steady stream of opportunities.

You’ll be highly valued at Ashfield. We’ll give you all the support, training and encouragement you need to deliver first-class results for our clients. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’re providing outstanding service. With an international reach and great support, the opportunities here are wide and diverse

It’s our people that have made us successful, which is why we employ people who are committed to our values;

Quality, Partnership, Ingenuity, Expertise and Energy.

For us, it’s about having people in the business who are capable of seizing opportunities and driving sustainable growth. For you, it’s about having opportunities to learn and develop while building a long-term career in an international company.

Have you got what it takes?

Build an amazing career through Ashfield Graduate Careers. Gain world-class specialist training in a dynamic industry, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of working for a global healthcare services provider.

What do Ashfield Graduate Careers Offer?

Ashfield are looking for bright and ambitious graduates who are eager to join the pharmaceutical industry.

We have amazing career opportunities with a starting salary of £20,000 - £25,000 plus bonus, company car, laptop, pension and healthcare - Nationwide.

As a Medical Representative you are the vital link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. You will be responsible for driving sales success through building partnerships with your customers and demonstrating the value your products bring to them and their patients, whilst working on a specific geographical location.

Due to our continued global diversification and success, we are looking for our future leaders. With over 5000 employees worldwide Ashfield is the fastest-growing division of UDG Healthcare plc, one of the world’s leading healthcare services providers. Each year we give over 200 graduates their first opportunities as Medical Representatives, on sales territories across the UK. This is just the start... with unrivalled training and development opportunities you really can build your career with us.

Case Studies

  • Name: Hannah Mitchell
  • Role: Medical Sales Representative
  • University: University of Liverpool
  • Degree: Pharmacology BSc

After graduating from University in July 2014, I began looking for a job within the Pharmaceutical Industry and was familiar with the role of a Medical Sales Representative. After hearing about Ashfield Healthcare, I researched the company and was really keen to pursue my career in this field. I sent my application off to Ashfield and they contacted me within three days, taking me through the recruitment process. Having gone through similar interviews before, I found the Ashfield recruitment team were the most helpful throughout this process and they gave me the amazing opportunity to work within a syndicated team for the company.

I have been given excellent training which has helped me to settle into my role in Liverpool and I have a great support network with my colleagues and management who guide me on a weekly and daily basis so I can be successful in the field. There are constant training and development programmes available at Ashfield which can help improve selling skills and increase knowledge of the NHS and these are available all year round. Being two months into this role, I have learnt that it requires constant determination, self-motivation, resilience and energy to be a success which is why I love it.

I can definitely see my career growing with Ashfield Healthcare as it is an amazing global company with so many opportunities for thriving graduates. With career development programmes currently in place, moving up in my career is not something of the distant future. There are great career prospects here at Ashfield and I am really excited to develop my skills and knowledge and grow with the company.

  • Name: Emma Callan
  • Role: Medical Sales Representative
  • University: Edinburgh
  • Degree: Medical Biology BSc

I still remember the day I realised Ashfield was the company I wanted to work for, I mean really wanted to work for. I’d done my research on Ashfield before applying and had already found out about the multitude of opportunities that could be offered and challenges to be relished yet it was the first day I visited head office that clinched it. Never had I felt such an atmosphere as I did walking into the restaurant on the way to my interview. It just had this buzz that was infectious. A few of the tables were occupied with groups of individuals all of whom were animatedly discussing issues and most importantly smiling! They were passionate, enthusiastic and obviously enjoying what they did. That I could tell all this through my haze of nerves makes it all the more amazing. That was when I realised I didn’t just want to work at Ashfield. I wanted to become part of the team and get to know and grow with these people. That’s why accepted their offer as a medical sales representative when it was something I never imagined I would do and part of why 10 months later I’m still here.

This role has pushed my boundaries and tested my limits. I have learnt to be more assertive but not pushy, to think on my feet and adapt to unprecedented situations quicker. I’ve learnt not to overload a Doctor or Nurse with all the knowledge on the product I have….okay so I’m still working on that one but you can’t fault me for being passionate! I have developed the ability to direct a conversation and built on my knowledge of products to better engage with customer and tailor my arguments when the need arises. I’ve always been one to roll with the punches and yet my resilience has also been tested from time to time. Unsurprising when you consider I work Derby which is a fairly tough access territory. Within the field and all the challenges it can bring there is no describing the high you can feel after a successful call. Be that simply being a GP phoning you out of the blue and telling you what you said actually ‘made sense’ and they’re are writing a script right now only ‘what was the name of that Vitamin D again?’ or a hospital switching to your product trust wide. It’s joking with nurses over prostate exams and how they’re ‘revenge for years of smear tests’. This is a role that is both challenging and yet fulfilling in so many ways and after this ten month roller- coaster of a journey I hope to continue to grow with Ashfield. I may not know exactly where I fit yet or where I want my development to stop, if in fact I ever do want to stop challenging and developing myself, but I know Ashfield will continue to support my development as I progress through the company.

  • Name: George Ball
  • Role: Graduate Medical Sales Representative
  • University: University of Glasgow
  • Degree: Pharmacology BSc Hons

I am a Pharmacology graduate from the University of Glasgow. I graduated in 2013 and was working within the NHS for just under 2 years. I applied for a role as a Medical Sales Representative and had applied for quite a few roles, with a few different companies. After finally applying to Ashfield Healthcare I was able to secure a job within a few weeks of my initial application. The recruitment department where absolutely fantastic. They were with me every step of the way in the recruitment process and made me feel like part of the team from the onset. I knew this was a company that I wanted to work with and was delighted to have been offered a position. My application process was a little different from others who have started in the industry. However, this was due to the company taking the time and being flexible with me as I was limited to travelling to head office for interviews. I appreciate all the time and effort taking by the company to ensure that I was secured a position within the field.

Since starting in a sales role I have enjoyed every minute of the 9 months since I have started. Every department within the company continue to make you feel a part of the family. Although Medical Sales is a field position and can become quite lonely, at times, I know I am able to pick up the phone to my colleagues at any point.

Initially it had taken about 3 months to really find my feet in the job. However, the support and advice provided by everyone in the company ensured this was a smooth and enjoyable learning curve. This is just because of the type of job. After the initially 3 months I finally began to understand my territory and my role as a representative. I am now at the 9 month stage and starting to see the changes in my territory that is all due to the hard work that I have put in. I am able to approach customers and they know and respect the reason why I am there. This is a feeling that is indescribable. You feel like you are really committing to the future of healthcare.

The most impressive part of Ashfield Healthcare, as a company, are their core values and their belief in the younger generation. Their view is to employ graduates in the hope that they can move on in the business and develop into successful business partners. This is an aspect that is very attractive to me and my development. I am hoping that in the near future I can possibly move out of the field and into head office. I am currently looking at recruitment and training as possible avenues, however, I know really that the sky is the limit with the company.

Ashfield is the perfect company, with values that everyone should be following in everyday life and are interested in each and every colleague they employ.

Training & Profiles

At Ashfield, we’re passionate about developing our people, so we’ll encourage you to learn, grow and share in our success.

You’ll be highly valued at Ashfield. We’ll give you all the support, training and encouragement you need to deliver world-class results for our clients. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’re providing outstanding service. With an international reach and great support, the opportunities here are wide and diverse.

  • We actively encourage our employees to drive their own development.
  • We’ll guide and encourage you to progress, helping you acquire new skills and experience.
  • Through our managers and appraisal processes, there are regular opportunities to train.
  • Internal programmes for fast-tracking people with untapped potential.


Why Work for Ashfield?

Life at Ashfield is energetic, enjoyable and immensely satisfying. An environment that’s positively charged, where you’re valued and encouraged to fulfil your potential. Ashfield is a fast-paced place to work where you’ll enjoy a steady stream of opportunities. You can take pride in your work and realise your potential.

  • We employ people who are committed to our values – quality, partnership, ingenuity, expertise and energy.
  • We believe in throwing ourselves into every task to produce our best work.
  • We’ll support you in your day-to-day job as well as guiding and developing your future.
  • We have fun at work and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded, goodhumoured supportive colleagues.

Is Pharmaceutical Sales for Me?

Pharmaceutical sales is a fast-paced, pressured and rewarding environment. With improved patient care, and supporting the NHS at the forefront, there are many opportunities to progress and develop within this ever-changing industry.

What is Pharmaceutical Sales and What Does it Involve?

Pharmaceutical sales is the primary method used by pharmaceutical companies to market their products to healthcare professionals.

The sales representative is the vital link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. The aim of the role is to build partnerships with healthcare professionals, demonstrating the value your products bring to them and their patients in order to reach sales targets.

Some of the key responsibilities include:

  • Plan and organise your own diary to achieve sales and activity targets.
  • Initiate, organise and carry out sales presentations.
  • Monitor and utilise all relevant promotional literature as part of the sales process.
  • Keep up to date with any changes to the NHS.

Do I...

  • Enjoy meeting new people?
  • Want to be rewarded based on performance?
  • Manage my own time effectively?
  • Want to use my degree in a working environment?
  • Feel excited by a professional career that enhances patient care?
  • Want to be recognised as an ambassador for a market leading company?
  • Possess exceptional communication skills?
  • Want to be developed in line with my potential?
  • Enjoy driving?
  • Want to further my knowledge through study?
  • Feel motivated by targets?
  • Possess ambition and the drive to succeed?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then read on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply if i didn’t do a science based degree?

Of course. We take candidates from all degree subjects and classifications. We are looking more at your competencies and ability to learn.

Do I need to have sales experience for this role?

Not necessarily. We are looking for candidates who have had previous experience working within a customer facing environment.

How do I find shadowing experience?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with shadowing experience due to insurance restrictions. You will need to visit your local GP surgeries and pharmacies to see if they have any contact details. Also think about any friends or family who have contacts in the pharmaceutical industry.

Is there any training involved?

Most certainly. You will have a 4 day induction at our head office in Ashby de la Zouch. This will include the role of a rep and selling skills, as well as covering important information about our organisation. You will also receive product training.

Will there be career development opportunities?

Definitely. At Ashfield we are always encouraging our employees to strive to be their best and therefore we give our employees the opportunity to progress in their career and give them lots of training in order to do so.

Do we receive any help prior to the client interviews?

Yes. Our Resourcing department has consultants who are there to help you and prepare you for interviews. We are able to help you on the telephone or face to face it’s entirely up to you.

Why do I need to have a driving licence for this role?

This is a requirement for the role, as it involves travelling around a specific geographical location meeting with various healthcare professionals.

What is the starting salary?

Starting salaries vary, depending on the contract, role and level of experience.

are there any bonuses included?

Yes, but this is dependent on the client and your performance in the field.

Do I have to relocate?

Not at all, but it certainly helps to find you a role much quicker if you are flexible.

What can I do between now and finishing my degree to improve my prospects of a career with Ashfield?

There are a few things that you can do. Please research the role of a Medical Sales Representative in as much detail as possible. Speak to or ideally shadow a Medical Sales Representative for at least 1 day.

When can I apply to Ashfield?

Anytime or once you have completed your degree or are coming towards the end of your degree. You must possess a full valid UK driving licence and have the right to work in the UK.

Rewards and Recognition

We realise it’s our people that have made us the success we are. That’s why, if you join us, you’ll be recognised and rewarded for your achievements, and given the support you need to reach higher and develop further.

  • We’ll tailor training around you, based on the direction you want to go in.
  • The hard work you put in will be reflected in the rewards you receive.
  • We’re an international organisation, so there’s a world of opportunities.

We think the generous rewards and massive scope for development are why many talented people choose to stay