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INTRO is a new 24 week management programme designed for graduates who want to succeed in business but need first hand industry experience to get the career they deserve. Evolving from the successful Première Programme, INTRO has been developed by graduate recruitment experts Parity and the Department for Employment and Learning.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Lisa Johnston
  • Role: Marketing Executive
  • Joined: March 2007

"Placed with Parity Plc, Belfast, the INTRO programme has given me the opportunity to enter the workplace at a graduate level without having those years of experience which most employers demand. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges presented by the position of Marketing Executive and I would recommend the INTRO programme to anyone who is ambitious to succeed in the business world."

Training & Profiles

INTRO is a Graduate Entry to Management Programme. It is about finding graduates great careers by maximizing their potential and providing opportunities for them to take those first steps on the career ladder.

Once you have applied online, we take time to get to know you, assessing your strengths and development areas. If your application is successful, we spend 4 weeks training and equipping you with the skills and knowledge you will need in a modern, demanding business environment. You are then recruited by one of our trusted client companies to undertake a 20 week Business Improvement Project. All of our client companies are fully briefed on your requirements and abilities and you will be assigned a management consultant who will mentor and support you throughout this time.

Alongside the Business Improvement Project you will study for a post graduate qualification; the Advanced Diploma in Management Practice from the University of Ulster.

Application Procedure

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