The Highways Agency

The Highways Agency

The Highways Agency

Motorways and major A roads are the arteries and veins that keep England alive, healthy and on the move – every minute of every day. At the heart of them is the Highways Agency, operating, maintaining and improving a network that’s the economic backbone of the country. The government is set to invest £15 billion in us by 2021 - trebling its current investment and creating a unique environment for the graduates who join us.

We currently have around 3,500 people based in Dorking, Bedford, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Exeter plus our traffic office service at motorway outstations. Together, we’re focusing on supporting the government’s plans for jobs and economic growth by improving important transport links, and increasing the capacity of the major road networks.

Case Studies

  • Name: Ryan Meacham, 26


Highways England currently has 51 apprentices across the country in four disciplines: civil engineering, business administration, human resources and ICT. The company

believes apprenticeships are essential to encourage, develop and engage its leaders of the future, creating a new generation of highways professionals.

Ryan Meacham, a civil engineering technician apprentice with Highways England, joined on the BTEC Level 3 programme, having spent six years previously in the retail sector.

Ryan’s first year was based in operations and maintenance under the guidance of a mentor and his activities included helping to oversee the development of pump station renewals and promoting civil engineering at events. He has since been seconded to a contractor for six months to further his understanding of on-site civil engineering and has been involved in quality assurance and environmental monitoring on the Cannington bypass.

He said: “If you are eager to progress a career in highways engineering then Highways England should be your first thought. The flexibility of the apprenticeship and the support I have received so far has been exceptional.”

Training & Profiles

We want to be the world’s leading road operator by 2017, and have the investment we need to do it. Whether you want to join us as an Accountant, Civil Engineer, Economist, Traffic Technologist, Environmental Advisor, Quantity Surveyor or Statistician, we can guarantee it’ll be a memorable journey.

Application Procedure

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