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The world looks to S&P Global for essential intelligence. We are a leader in credit rating, benchmarks, and analytics for capital and commodity markets around the world. With a career at S&P Global, you will become an integral part of our team of best in class financial capabilities including S&P Global Rating, S&P Global Market Intelligence, S&PGlobal Platts and S&P Dow Jones Indices.

The work you do will impact global markets and the clients we serve every day. Our valuable data and insights provide clarity to complex systems, so our customers can make their decisions with conviction. Join us and help make the financial world a better, more understandable place.

S&P Global has a range of capabilities including Rating Services, Market Intelligence, S&P Dow Jones Indices and Platts that are the foremost providers of essential intelligence for the capital and commodities markets. Whether it’s analyzing data, innovating technology, or developing market insights, we’re looking for intellectually curious, progressive and passionate thinkers.

Case Studies

  • Name: Raphael Ikonagbon
  • Role: Client Services Associate, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Joined: January 2017
  • University: University of Essex
  • Degree: BA Economics & Politics


S&P Global profiles Raphael Ikonagbon, a new graduate programme member and member of the BOLD employee-resource group (Black Organization for Leadership and Development). BOLD’s mission is to attract, retain and promote black employees at S&P Global with an increased focus on providing career development and skills-building opportunities.

Why did you choose this firm and this role?
I found the direct exposure to fluctuations in markets and finance extremely fascinating and knew that beginning a career at a world-leading firm was the right decision.

I chose S&P Global ultimately due to their genuine desire to invest in their graduates and the diverse training development regime within their graduate programmes. S&P Global encourages professional growth and internal mobility.These aspects were key contributors to my decision to join the firm. After an insightful and thrilling 18 months within the Ratings practice as a Structured Finance Operations Specialist, I desired a lot more client interaction and decided to pursue a rolewith the Client Services team in our Market Intelligence divison and made the switch internally. In this role, I am able to utilise my communication skills while combining them, in tandem, with my financial and business acumen. It has been a real training ground but one that I have enjoyed every step of the way.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?
S&P Global takes pride in diversity. My colleagues are from all parts of the world, and I hear different languages spoken daily and it reinforces the breadth of our talent. Moreover, I converse daily with people from different offices around the world and work with a vibrant workforce. The firm encourages employees to be a part of Employee Resource Groups where you can engage with senior leaders, develop your human capital through training, and give back to the community. I’m active in our talent acquisition efforts byrepresenting the firm at universities across the UK as well as attend afterwork socials with my colleagues. The culture and working environment is truly well balanced.

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  • Name: Amisha Unnadkat
  • Role: CREDit Programme Analyst, S&P Global Ratings
  • Joined: August 2016
  • University: London School of Economics and Political Sciences
  • Degree: BSc Mathematics and Statistics


S&P Global profiles Amisha Unnadkat, a new graduate programme member and member of both the WINS (Women’s Initiative for Networking and Success) and APEX (Asian Professionals for Excellence) employee-resource groups. WINS is committed to creating a culture that inspires all employees to develop their leadership abilities, seize growth opportunities, and increase their knowledge of S&P Global for organizational and personal success. Similarly, APEX seeks to help employees better understand diverse markets and support professional development by providing educational sessions and networking opportunities with Asian professionals from across regions, businesses, and experience levels.

Attending Bright Network events enabled me to gain a greater insight into the scope of opportunities and range of careers available.

Why did you choose this firm and this role?
After completing a ten week internship at S&P Global Ratings, I was offered a place on the graduate programme. Having had the opportunity to gain a real understanding of how the firm operates during the summer internship, I was able to make an informed decision about returning for the graduate programme. It was an easy decision to make since my experience had been really positive. As an intern, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of responsibility I was given, and the collaborative and inclusive company culture really appealed to me. Further, it was clear that the company is focused on investing in junior talent. For example, the graduate programme kickstarts with a comprehensive training in New York, and we receive periodic, on-going trainings throughout the remainder of the programme.

What tips would you give to graduates applying now?
Make sure you do your research on the companies you are applying for. Whilst it is important that you understand the technicalities of how the firm operates, it is equally important that you are able to assess whether the firm’s culture and working environment are the right fit for you. Attending networking events or partipating in internship programmes are ways of witnessing this first-hand.

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  • Name: Giulia Rusconi
  • Role: CREDit Programme Analyst, S&P Global Ratings
  • Joined: August 2016
  • University: Bocconi University
  • Degree: MSc Corporate Finance & Accounting


Giulia Rusconi On Interviewing: “The toughest part was not the technical interview questions”
S&P Global profiles Giulia Rusconi, a new graduate programme member and member of the WINS employee-resource group (Women’s Initiative for Networking and Success). WINS is committed to creating a culture that inspires all employees to develop their leadership abilities, seize growth opportunities, and increase their knowledge of S&P Global for organizational and personal success.

What was your toughest and most favourite part of the application process?
The toughest part was not the technical interview questions but finding different real life scenario responses to behavioural questions. I wanted to impress the interviewers but also ensure I was not repeating myself and express my personality under different angles. My favourite part was the last five to 10 minutes left in the interview where I was able to chat with the interviewers and ask questions. This gave me a taste for what it would be like to work with them.

Tell us about an average day at S&P Global?
As soon as I arrive, I read the news as I have to be up-to-date with everything is happening in my field. Then, I catch up my team who sit in Italy, Spain, India, and London and I start to work on analytical tasks focused on technical industry research. A large part of our work is releasing publications on different matters. For example, when there is major market event, investors want to hear our voice and opinion. This market-informing mentality drives what I do everyday.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?
People here are very keen on helping each other and you get a lot of management exposure, even at junior levels, receiving positive recognition for successes. There is a very collaborate environment here and the decision-making process is very collegial. I find myself at ease with everybody and I have become very good friends with my peers both in and outside of the graduate program. It definetly makes a positive difference for me as I feel like I can stay at work all day with my closest friends, and especially in a new country where I didn’t grow up.

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Training & Profiles

Internship / Job / Graduate Programme Opportunities

We are committed to the ongoing development of our graduates and interns. By joining one of our programmes, you will get a chance to work alongside and learn from the best in the industry whilst gaining valuable experience. As a global company, there is also opportunity for you to work in our different locations worldwide. We have graduate and internship opportunities in all our business areas.

Our programme is also opened to any interested candidate with a minimum of 2.1 undergraduate degree.

We are looking for graduates and interns to be based in London, Paris, Frankfurt

Please visit our career website for more information and to submit an application.