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Company Company Profile

EMAP is a growing UK & MENA content, subscription and networking business – based in Old Street/Shoreditch, London. We own a portfolio of hugely successful market leading brands which operate in some of the most significant vertical markets in the UK & MENA regions.

But what does this mean? For a list of our brands you can visit www.emap.com/products.

Our brands are some of the most well-known, most successful business in the UK & MENA regions, and some – more than 100 years old! These brands operate in some of the most significant and influential business sectors. Specifically:

  • Retail & fashion
  • Construction & engineering
  • Health & local government
  • Building services

What do they do and why are they so influential??

Each of these brands acts as a delivery channel for amazing, career changing, and market influencing content.

Content is delivered across three channels:

  • Online (websites, mobile/tablet environments)
  • Off line (publications, supplements and other print based products)
  • Events (huge conferences, awards and bespoke events)

Our content is produced by leading commentators within each sector; our teams are high profile and regarded as experts in their field. As a result, some of the most influential decision makers in each of these markets access our content (think CEO’s, CFO’s MD’s and business owners). Our content helps to progress those who consume it, develop their careers – and their businesses – to allow them to stay competitive, and at the cutting edge.

EMAP makes money by selling:

  1. Access to content (to individuals and business)
  2. Complex marketing solutions to businesses that want to communicate to our audiences.
  3. Access to business information tools to help our partners to spot new business opportunities.
  4. Sponsorship and thought leadership to our world-class events – conferences, awards and bespoke networking events.

Training & Profiles

Your success is linked to our success. We want you to have the best possible chance to be as successful as possible and provide the perfect start to your career! As a result we offer:

  1. A full induction to EMAP (from line managers and group induction presentations from our leadership team)
  2. A full induction to your role (manager / team led)
  3. A full induction to your brand (manager, team and content team led)
  4. Personal and group training (sales/product focused)
  5. On-going development (peer led ‘Product Champions’ help mentor and develop all new and existing staff on best practice and excellence selling specific products)
  6. External trainers provide adhoc training on all aspects of sales and selling.


You need to bring your own drive, commitment and desire to succeed. We provide the platform and support – you need to do the rest! EMAP prides itself on valuing and actively promoting the following key behaviors:

Great communication
Personal integrity

Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Application Procedure

  1. Apply online through our career site.
  2. A member of our recruitment team will contact you for further information.
  3. You will be invited to our quarterly sessions at Telephone House, Old Street.
  4. If successful, you will be offered a role on the day!


The EMAP Graduate Sales Challenge is a great way to gain insight into our businesses and the fantastic career opportunities we offer.

Our focus is sustainable growth. To achieve it, we must have a world-class sales and marketing organisation; selling and promoting excellent content and products, and delivering sustainable revenues to the top line.

Customers are the heart of this process - and our sales teams are their internal champions. By focusing on our key business pillars – sales & marketing excellence, great content, product innovation, customer service and people – we have shaped an organisation that enables maximum success.

This is an exciting, challenging time to join. Our sales people enjoy a clear line of sight to targets that, when achieved, deliver real rewards. But equally require them to deliver genuine growth. It’s how we make the boat go faster.

Once on board, we will invest substantial time, money and people in helping you to fulfill your potential and become the very best you can be.

I look forward to welcoming you in person.

Natasha Christie-Miller

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