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Posted on Tuesday 11th January 2017, by James Howell

A global bank launched a unique initiative in find the right graduate candidates using social media.

Deutsche Bank wants to find alternative methods to recruit the best graduate talent and in late November 2016 the bank harnessed the power of social media. According to the Financial Times, the bank found 250 potential applicants and, using social media, encouraged them to apply to various Deutsche Bank Graduate Opportunities.

Graduate employers need to try different ways to attract new talent and Deutsche Bank's Head of Graduate Recruitment and HR Director, Faye Woodhead, says the social media project has been a success.

"We can identify and approach people very, very quickly. We can teach them [about the bank] and they decide whether it's something they want to do not," Faye says in the FT.

"We found that there was very little overlap between the students we met in person and the students we were able to talk to online. We were able to attract a number of students who weren't actively looking for a role in Deutsche Bank or investment banking?who subsequently went through the recruitment process."

Other figures in the graduate recruitment industry are not completely convinced. James Reed, of Reed recruitment group, questioned the logic of persuading people to consider a career in Banking who might not be already be inclined. While the FT also quoted another bank's graduate recruitment manager who finds it unsuitable.

"We need to find current and effective methods to communicate with junior talent, but invading social media with...mature advertising feels like turning up at a university house party with a careers brochure."

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