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A graduate career to look forward to

As the leading global bank with roots in Germany, Deutsche Bank is proud to drive change and innovation in the industry. We need original, collaborative, passionate minds who are ready to grow their careers and share their ideas to help us continue to evolve.

Today's financial services world is broader than ever, and nowhere is that clearer than here at Deutsche Bank. But whether you join us in investment banking, trading, technology or in another of our many areas, you'll discover a structured, ongoing training programme that'll support your continuous development. Working alongside the best minds in the business, you'll start shaping your future from day one, before taking on increasing responsibility and delivering work that's of real value to our business. We'll always encourage you to think for yourself, ask questions and share your ideas - and you can be confident your voice will be heard.

We welcome high-achieving graduates from all disciplines. And if you're full of imagination, enjoy solving problems and respond positively to challenges, you could soon be making a real impact on our business as well as your future.

If you're ready to grow your potential and make your mark on an exciting, evolving business, discover a career to look forward to at

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Case Studies

  • Name: Charlotte
  • Role: Analyst - Corporate Banking and Securities: Markets London

"It's instilled in you from the start that you have the capacity to make a difference and to get to a senior level in the business. It makes you want to work very hard and to succeed."

  • Name: Hannah
  • Role: Analyst - Corporate Banking and Securities: Markets

"The best bit about working here is my colleagues."

"My life has changed massively since joining Deutsche Bank as a graduate. I was worried that banking would be a very male-dominated industry, but that's not the case. There's a lot of diversity in the office and everybody is very friendly and welcoming. I was given real accountability relatively quickly and was supported by my colleagues every day with every task I did."

Training & Profiles


We offer exceptional financial rewards, including competitive salaries and performance-related bonuses that will ensure you share in our success. We also offer unique work/life balance benefits, including pension plans and contributions, flexible work arrangements and health and advice services. (These vary depending on where you're located.) We'll tell you more about the benefits you'll receive during your interview process.

Deutsche Bank Graduate Programme

Beginning training with your global class, the programme gives you a fantastic overview of the industry, our organisation and the skills and support needed to excel. Whichever area of the Bank you join, you will build a broad knowledge base and hone your skills to become a world-class professional equipping you for a thriving career at Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank Internship Programme

Our summer internship programme is a job with real responsibility. You will receive comprehensive training, focus on live projects and gain unique insights into our Bank and your business area. This will supply you with the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in our fast-paced world and potentially prove you have what it takes to secure a place on our Deutsche Bank Graduate Programme.

If you're ready to grow your potential and make your mark on an exciting, evolving business, discover a career to look forward to at

Application Procedure

Please apply to the latest Deutsche Bank jobs on

What kind of working culture do you have?

A friendly one. We're open, approachable and all embracing - not closed, corporate or stuffy. We make time to support each other. Asking questions is actively encouraged, and everyone's happy to make time to answer them. For us, you're an individual, not a member of the ranks.

What's the recruitment process?

Deutsche Bank recruits on-campus for graduate opportunities across the globe. However, we also accept applications from universities where we don't have a presence on-campus, too. To be considered for a role with us, everyone has to submit an online application, so the process is the same for everyone.

The recruitment process usually consists of two rounds of interviews before final decisions are made. In some regions, you'll also be asked to take part in assessment tests. We'll let you know what the process will look like for you well before your interview.

Our interviews are based around the core competencies you'll need to work with us in your chosen role. We'll explore how you've shown these competencies in your university career and in extra-curricular activities.

Do you only hire candidates with finance degrees, finance backgrounds or business majors?

No. We recruit highly intelligent graduates who are ambitious and adaptable. They have degrees in many different disciplines. Even though good levels of numeracy are important for some roles, you won't need a formal mathematical or financial background. We have very comprehensive training programmes that will give you all the technical knowledge you'll need to build a career with us.