Lloyds Banking Group builds confidence in grads

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Lloyds Banking Group helps graduates build self-confidence and professional skills, according to one grad.

Lloyds Banking Group is one of the largest banks in the UK and has over 22 million current account customers. The bank's graduate schemes train university-leavers for the world of banking by developing confidence and other professional skills.

Stephanie Scott studied Management at Robert Gordon University and joined Lloyds Banking Group in July 2012. She says she's found it easier to have faith in her abilities since joining the company's Consumer Finance Graduate Scheme.

"Before I joined Lloyds Banking Group I was quite shy and reserved," she says.

"I didn't have much belief in myself but I have been given so many opportunities to work on projects I never thought I would as a graduate. I have really built confidence in myself in terms of communication skills and delivery-I believe in myself now."

Stephanie developed her new-found skills through working with a senior colleague at Lloyds Banking Group.

"I worked with the Head of Asset Finance and he gave me the opportunity to present a proposal to the senior committee of asset finance and I managed to get sign off on that proposal," Stephanie says.

"It was an opportunity you wouldn't get at other banks as a graduate, but it was really exciting and gave me a lot of confidence. I was given a lot of support with how to present to senior management, communications skills and presentation skills."