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Liverpool is home to several universities which produce graduates ready to enter the working world with a mixture of academic achievement and work experience.


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    • What is the average graduate salary in Liverpool in 2020?

      The average graduate salary in Liverpool in July 2020 is £28,400, based on analysis of all graduate jobs in Liverpool the past 3 months. The average graduate starting salary across the UK in July 2020 is £25,453.

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    • How difficult / competitive is it to get a graduate job in Liverpool in 2020?

      Based on data gathered in the past three months we estimate that it is challenging to get a graduate job in Liverpool in July 2020, compared to other major locations.

    • Which companies are most active recruiting graduates in Liverpool ?

      In the past 18 months Aldi, EY and Kuehne + Nagel have advertised the most graduate jobs in Liverpool .


    Graduates from universities in Liverpool are sought-after in the graduate job market. Studying in one of the most vibrant and unique cities in the UK has allowed them to set themselves apart from the rest. We wanted to know how they differ in terms of attainment, ambition, and experience from those across different cities and regions in the UK.

    To study this, we looked at the graduates from Liverpool who registered with in the past five years, analysing which sectors they want work in, what classification they got for their degree, and whether or not they have work experience.


    The career ambitions of the graduates from Liverpool's universities are reflective of the overall most popular sectors across the UK. In fact, four of the five most popular sectors nationwide are also found in Liverpool's top five. This means Management, Marketing, Banking, and Advertising and Public Relations are on trend with the rest of the UK.

    Interestingly, Liverpool graduates' thirst for Management positions outstrips that of the UK, with 32.2% of Liverpool graduates wanting to pursue a career in Management, ahead of the national average at 28.5%.

    The inclusion of Human Resources as a preferred career direction for Liverpool's graduates is no surprise. While it has made it into Liverpool's top 5 with 22.7%, the national average doesn't stand much lower, with 21.2% of graduates nationwide considering it as a viable career.

    top 5 most popular sectors for graduates from Liverpool

    Degree Classifications

    Graduates from Liverpool universities are only slightly more likely than average to receive a First Class mark for their academic effort, with 9.8% being the national average and 10% Liverpool graduates receiving the top classification.

    However, they are well ahead of the national average for graduates earning a 2.1. 57% of Liverpool graduates receive this classification, while the national average sits at a much lower 48.1%. This is good news for Liverpool graduates - many selective employers ask for a 2.1 or above.

    Degree classifications for graduates from Liverpool

    Work Experience

    Graduates from Liverpool have the lowest rate of work experience in the UK. An important factor for prospective employers, only 14.2% of Liverpool graduates can demonstrate prior work experience, compared to the national average at 16.6%.

    Despite being lower than the national average, Liverpool graduates are not far behind those from Newcastle (15.1%), Manchester and Leeds (15.2%). The highest scores for work experience go to Birmingham (17.9%) and Sheffield (18.7%).

    Work experience rates for graduates from Liverpool