Job hunting with a 2.2

Job hunting with a 2.2

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By now, you'll have a rough idea what classification you expect to receive - if you haven't received it already. If you're looking at a 2.2 degree, don't let it panic you. It's time to take stock of what you've got and play to your strengths.

While it's true that many graduate employers ask for candidates with a 2:1 degree or above, there are a fair number of graduate schemes out there which accept 2:2 degrees in any subject area.

Don't believe us? Check out our 2.2 jobs for proof.

Remember that your degree, regardless of its grade, is a great way to sell yourself to any employer. Look closely at your marks to see how you can make the most of your hard work.

For example, you might have received Firsts for your presentations, demonstrating your oral communication skills and ease with public speaking, or you might have been awarded 2:1s for your research projects, showing your analytical and reasoning skills.

And don't forget that you have other skills and attributes that are just as important as your academic achievement.

Put in Practice

Here is a job description from a typical graduate position in Marketing, and how you might tackle a job description like this.

  • "Experience in business-to-business marketing is preferred"
    As Social Secretary and Treasurer of our University hockey team, I was responsible for securing sponsorship from local businesses to cover the costs of kit and transport, and to participate in charity fundraising matches.
  • "Strong passion for digital marketing"
    During Fresher's week, I was instrumental in a social media marketing campaign to recruit players for the teams. I also helped organise and promote welcome events using Twitter and Facebook.
  • "Excellent communication skills"
    Throughout my degree, I had to ensure that both my written and oral communication was appropriate for essays and presentations. I achieved 2.1s and above in all of my oral presentation assessments.
  • "2.1 or above in any discipline from a top 50 university (Marketing degree is preferred though not essential)"
    While my final mark was a 2.2, I earned 2.1s in all my oral presentations, and Firsts in the majority of my written assignments in my final year. I believe my passion for marketing and my dedication to hard work make me a perfect candidate for this position.

Remember: while you may not meet the required qualifications for a few graduate schemes and positions, there are many more companies out there that are less concerned about an applicant's grade and more interested in what you can bring to the company - this is where you let your passion get you the job.