Spend your summer in America, explore a new country and gain a whole host of transferable skills to help your CV stand out.

What you will be doing:

An exhilarating program, AmeriCamp equips newly-inaugurated members of the AmeriCamp family with a repertoire of highly-valued attributes including: Project management, team skills, communication skills, problem solving, versatility, innovation and creativity, as well as the ability to work with initiative whilst working at a Camp in America.

Post-Camp reap the fruit of your labour; marvel at iconic sites, satisfy your appetite for adventure and explore America with newfound companions from Camp.

  • You will initiate group activities.
  • You will oversee the facilitation of day-to-day camp activities.
  • You will provide supervision for campers.
  • You will socialise with campers and provide pastoral support where needed.
  • You will get the opportunity to explore America after camp is finished.

What you will have:

Versatility is an essential trait for all participants in the AmeriCamp program; successful applicants for the program fulfil a range of roles including, but not limited to: Educator, friend, counsellor, as well as a guardian for the children under your duty of care.

Whilst at Camp, irrespective of your role, it is fundamental that you are the consummate role model for the Campers.

  • You have a keen appetite for travel.
  • You are passionate about sports or activities and want to share this passion with others.


  • Improve your CV
  • Travel opportunities
  • Potential to progress within the company
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